Messages 2019

Make them a Sandwich

May 28th, 2019

Baltimore, Ireland

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

You are all now beginning to see your dream, the larger community being realized right before your eyes. This is not something that happened in my time when I was on Earth but it was my dream. So I share with you in this outreach that you have now, so many coming to you. The angels have given you charge. The Love in your soul has touched many and will continue to do so. When people come to the Divine Love through whatever avenue they find it, they are usually very bound up in the material world as you know. All of you were once in this position. As you pray for God’s Love and receive it in your souls, these things fall away. Yes, the material is useful but you are not attached.

So now you see those who come, that they can be quite attached. Even in a sense this can be called spiritual materialism which is the trapping of spiritual life that people cling to, signs and symbols and modes of dress. Certain things to remind them of God. These are not bad things and often are good things. But ultimately, even these things fall away as the soul opens up to our Heavenly Father’s Love. Then these trappings go away and are no longer necessary.

But I tell you all this, not because you don’t know it, but to remind you that those who are coming to you will often have these trappings. Just be aware and be kind and loving. As we have told you, do not judge others who may disagree or have other opinions. Embrace them in love. Make them a sandwich. Do whatever you do in love. This is the great magnetism that draws those souls to you and really to God.

The work I do now is soul to soul. There are of course spirits who are very helpful on the material plane helping to fulfill the wishes of those who need material things. These are good things. But we who wish to serve the Father in Love, we work on the soul level. This is where all of you are headed. Despite the distractions of the world and all the things that we have to do in the world and you have to do in the world, you are now blessed to the point where you know that the work you do is soul to soul. I am delighted to be with you in this.

My dear love, Jimbeau, thank you for allowing me to come through. Thank you, Jimbeau. God bless you all. I love you. May God shower you with His Love. I am Care.