Messages 2019

Many Scientists In Spirit Are Working To Forge Greater Communications between Worlds

January 25th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Bless you my friends. I am Albert Einstein. I too am involved in this work to forge deeper communications between the world of spirit and the physical world for your world is in great need of our support and our wisdom. There is a great effort to bring what we can through to your side of life and to do so with wisdom and with clarity and precision. We will be working with you in times to come to bring what we can that will be helpful and important to deal with the coming changes in the world.

There is a great group of us scientists in the spirit world who are eager to help humanity to bring greater truth and understanding that may bring greater harmony to your world. God seeks to bring harmony to all things in the universe. This is a constant and this is why everything is in motion and moves to this clarion call towards harmony.

Each of you grows within your souls and your minds, refining who you are and redefining who you are in so many different ways through so many different means. You are caught in this great flow of change and growth, of greater light and harmony. Because you recognize this and you are seeking for greater light, so you draw many who are seeking to support humanity in this direction. To come and help and bring forth the possibilities of communication and deeper understanding of Truth, we will try to communicate provided we are given the opportunity and all is in harmony and synchronicity with the Way of Love.

I have come to encourage you and to inform you of our intentions that you may be used, each of you, as you form one single conduit of communication, that you may be used to bring deeper truths and greater insights and a full understanding of the ways of the universe. We gather my friends with the hopes that a new threshold will be reached, with greater possibilities for Truth, for Light and for harmony.

God bless you my friends. I am at your service. I am Albert Einstein and I am happy to be speaking to you today, a gift that you have brought, my friends, by your presence and intentions and I thank you. May you continue to strive and seek to serve humanity in Love, in Truth, in Light, and may God bless you in your souls with His Love. Thank you. Thank you my friends.