Messages 2019

May You Feel the Light of Love Radiating from your Heart

September 8th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My children of the Earth, from where I have long been gone, but come today. You have begun this journey with your souls reaching out and longing for the Creator’s Love. You have begun to feel this golden Light of Love in your souls, radiating from your heart, from your solar plexus. This, I tell you, is the true alchemy, turning the image into the very substance, your souls made in that image, becoming at-one with the Creator in receiving this Love that the Creator has for all.

It is not an intellectual pursuit. You need not read a thousand books or try to consider every aspect of every thing that enters your mind. You only need to open your heart to allow these longings of your souls to go out to our glorious Creator, who then showers you with Love, as in this beautiful Circle that you have, that is expanding around the world, your world. But you are joined by many in the Celestial Heavens as you create this larger and larger Lattice of Light, a Circle of Love.

We in the Celestial Heavens and I myself, who have been a spirit for many thousands of years, salute you and honor you and welcome you on this journey, this never-ending journey, now filled with the golden Love of our Creator. I come to offer my love and blessings. May you all be transformed that you will join us sooner than you imagine, in God’s Celestial Heaven.

May God bless you. My love and blessings to all. I am Moses.