Messages 2019

Mediumship. Jesus Assigns Spirit Guides (Q&A Retreat)

January 30th, 2019

Gibsons. B.C. Canada

Received by Al File

This is Seretta Kem and I wish to add to the beloved Master’s talk on mediumship. There are those in the world who believe that Jesus will come and speak through them at their beck and call and that they insist that the Master is the only one whom they indicate must speak. They do not realize that he is at God’s beck and call and moves in that flow of God’s Will and does not answer to any mortal or spirit but answers to God, as do all of us within the Celestial Kingdom.

Although you speculate upon the structures and how such things may be accomplished in our realms, it would be very difficult for you to understand how these things may be and are coordinated with such harmony and beauty as we work together. Suffice to say when your soul’s faculties are developed so keenly, then you will understand how this collaboration and communication amongst us is possible. But the mind that you know, the material mind, does not exist in our realm, within our beings. It has been completely absorbed and transformed by the power of God’s Love so that we possess a mind, but the mind of the soul not the mind of the body and of the spirit but of the soul.

An individual who claims to be a channel, a conduit for Jesus to speak and that all communications are through him are not truthful in this understanding. Yes their desire to be that individual whose life is part of Jesus’s dedication and communion are mistaken. For Jesus does not guide any individual at this moment, merely Jesus comes to many individuals in response to prayer and supplication, in response to God’s Will guiding him through the universe in this great work of uplifting humanity and bringing greater light and harmony to all of God’s creation. No one individual can claim this deep connection for this role as guide is given to many of us in the Celestial Kingdom, a role which we share and willingly give of ourselves for your benefits.

I want you to know, in the case of an angel being assigned as a guide to a mortal, that Jesus assigns these guides in his wisdom. It is a great blessing to have this assignment and that we find great joy in our work with you, with all mortals who wish to walk the path of Love, to seek the highest blessings, to work together in the flow of God’s Will for the benefit of humanity.

In accordance with your gifts, in accordance to God’s plan, in accordance to what is possible within the Laws of Creation and the Laws of Love, then your efforts, your work on Earth is assigned and nurtured and awakened. You ask whether your commitment in this regard was made before you came to Earth as a soul willing to serve God and to awaken their potentials as a servant to humanity in Love. I say, in many cases, this is true and that your soul knows. You have a feeling within you that confers this knowledge, so you must go deep, beloved souls, and seek to know your purpose. What God has conferred upon you, what may unfold in your life and grow within your spiritual awareness, these things are between you and God. When you come to a realization of something that you must do in order to fulfill this purpose, then I would suggest that you follow this Truth within you and seek to fulfill what you are meant to do in this world as God’s servants, as His blessed children.

You have noticed with this instrument and others that you have encountered in your life that Jesus does not come with every prayer, does not speak with every session that you receive a message. This is one indication that that instrument is fulfilling their role for the highest, that it is impossible for Jesus to speak at every gathering and time of prayer. When our beloved Master comes and confers some message and blessing upon you, you feel and know that it is something deep and beautiful that has been given.There is no need to desire that Jesus come always to speak. There is no need to put within your mind a certain expectation as to who will speak and what will come. It is best that you humbly ask to be used as an instrument, keeping your thoughts and inclinations out of this picture, allowing something higher so that of the soul may be awakened and be open as a conduit for Truth. In this way, this humble way, you will always be assured that an angel will be with you and often speak to you. This we desire to do and this gift is available to you given your efforts and desire to receive the blessing of the Father’s Love.

So much is given to you, beloved souls. Truth comes. It is graduated and refined and comes again so that absolute Truth, which is a goal and obtainable in your world, may come in time. We feed you what we can when you are ready and open and available to this blessing of Truth. It is conferred to your soul and your minds will acquiesce to this and become acclimatized to this way of knowing truth. You already know this and feel the difference between the truth that comes to the mind and the truth that is within the soul.

Your goal and desire deep within is to accentuate the power and beauty of the Truth within your soul and to allow the mind its measure of understanding. In time, all will merge together with the transformation of the Father’s Love. Your journey of Truth begins simply and humbly and moves outward in expansive and joyful awareness and knowing of the power of God’s creation, the power of Truth that is a gift to every soul who yearns for this and follows his journey of soul awakening.

God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.