Messages 2019

My Words Show I Always Pointed to God

September 29th, 2019

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear friends, I should like to talk to you about control and about being in the flow of God’s Love. When I was on Earth, I had many students who were devoted to me and my teaching of Kriya yoga. And you know I had been so humbled by my relationship not only with my teacher Sri Yukteswar but my closeness to Jesus and my longings and my connection with God and His Love that quite honestly I was not an attention seeker and I was overwhelmed by the request of my teacher to come to America and bring this yoga.

My thoughts and feelings about this journey have been well-chronicled so I needn’t revisit them but what I do want to say is that in my teaching I did not want the focus to be on me. I did not ask my students to meditate on me to make me the center of their attention but to still their minds and open their hearts and their souls to God. Sometimes in the present day this part of my instructions, my suggestions, takes a backseat to those who wish to honor me and those who wish to follow a more limited path of Kriya yoga and meditate on me or my teachers.

Those who examine my words while on Earth will see that I always pointed to God. I was not seeking to control the lives of people but to lead them on the path of love and transformation in God. I continue to do this work here now in the Celestial Heavens in spirit, through this instrument, my brother and sometimes others, yes. I say to you on this issue of control in this world where there is so much darkness, where each one wishes to have some measure of control in their lives, this is the human condition but you know when you relinquish control and open to God and the guidance of the Celestials you are in the flow and control is not necessary because God is in control. Are we not all along for the ride - this journey of Love into the very Essence of our beloved Creator? As they say: “Onward and upward”. Yes, this is my recommendation to you: “Be in this love. Let go of your concerns.” You cannot dissect this.

We are here in this moment with you. Do you not feel the Father’s Love, His hand upon us, His embrace? What else could matter? This of course is a choice you can make in any given moment. And I suggest I never demand. I embrace you with my love and blessings and thank you for allowing me this message. There are many here and we embrace you in God’s Love. I love you and I am your brother and friend in the Celestial Heavens. God bless you. I am Yogananda.

(long pause)

I wish to add something as I am still with this instrument and he wishes me to state it. Something I wish you to consider. Scientists examine the universe and its vastness and they find out year by year that it is bigger and more wondrous than they could have imagined and yet they also find that in the smallest component of the atom there is the same wonder - the same miraculous life.

This journey leads to wonderment and awe and hopefully to those that are intellectually minded, the opening of their hearts and their souls in the realization of how great the Creator really is and indeed God is Great!!! I say this because whether you are trying to fathom the wonder of vastness of the universe of simply what you shall do in this moment, realize my dear ones, it is all a miracle. It is all a wonderment. It is all glorious. Thank you. God bless you. I leave you now in love and peace.