Messages 2019

Opening Your Soul to the Gift of Divine Love Brings Expiation

February 17th, 2019

First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

My name is Seretta Kem and I come to be with you in support of the dear souls who have shared with you what Divine Love is, and the topic they spoke upon of expiation. Beloved souls, by opening from your very being, the essence of your soul and inviting the gift so readily available - Divine Love - into your soul you will be changed forever in the highest way. This Love, my dear friends, is free. It flows constantly to you and you of your own free will must make a choice to receive it. Our beloved Creator has gifted each of us with free will. With this gift we must choose, choose to receive the Essence of God, the change agent, that which will bring into harmony all within you and all around you.

Each soul has existing within it darkness. I do not say this to bring a sense of sadness upon you, but it is true. For you live upon Earth, a place that has a dark human condition upon it. But you, my dear friends, are light bringers in this world seeking refuge, seeking closeness and you desire within your soul to be loved, to feel joy and to feel peace. Beloved souls, the Essence of Divine Love is the highest Love. No other human can love you in the way that your beloved Creator can love you. No other human has the capacity to meet your needs the way the Source of All knows how to. You are encouraged to learn about this Love, to come to know what this Love is and to build a union, your soul in union with the soul of God. For it is then that your soul may awaken to Truth, may be filled with wisdom, gifts may open and be utilized. In this way you may be in service to God in great ways, to your brothers and sisters, to your earth, and to all the universe.

When the light of your soul expands, it has an affect upon every single aspect of the universe. The power of this Love transforms your soul. You may wonder and ask: “How is it that I can speak of such?”

My friends, when I lived upon your earth, I lived in the land you call Egypt many thousands of years ago. I am familiar with the journey of being human and taking the path of receiving the Grace of God’s Love into my soul. Now my soul is transformed into a Celestial being. So I am well aware of your struggles, as I have experienced the struggles of the human condition. I have taken the path of coming before the One who we call God and building a deep union between my soul and His Soul. This, my friends, continues to this very day and will for all eternity as it is never ending. I and the other Celestial angels, this band of teachers that come to this group of souls who share with you the Divine Love teachings, we come to support and we come to serve. We come to love you, support you, to help to influence and to help to inspire. We are always serving and guided by God’s will.

It is a blessing to be with you in this prayer circle now. There are many angels among you. You are welcome to invite the angel that stands with you, invite them into your life, into your home, to help assist you. It is our pleasure to serve God in this way and to be close to you. But, first and foremost, from your loving souls reach out to God, ask God to bless you with the Grace of His Essence. Open yourself to receive this Love which will come by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, with its messenger of Love. You are blessed by the Essence of Love in your soul at this very moment and I hope you can feel this. This is available at all times. It is only for you to stop and take a moment and reach out and receive.

My love is with you, I am Seretta Kem and I thank you for hearing my words and opening your souls to the Grace of God’s Love. God bless you, beloveds. I am Seretta Kem. Good night.