Messages 2019

Pray for Portals of Light and for More to be Established

September 9th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I wish to encourage you to continue to pray for these Portals of Light that have been established in the world and to pray that there will be more, for the world needs many more. As you pray and feed these Portals, they will become great nexus of Light in the world that will feed the Lattice of Light that is being formulated with your efforts and the efforts of others. This beautiful network of Light will feed the world greater light and will help to change the conditions of the world to something that is more in harmony with God’s Creation and will help bring the influence and efforts of Heaven and the Higher Spirits closer to Earth. For now the Earth is riddled with many, many dark influences and many, many conditions that are not in harmony with love, as you well know.

This effort is important to neutralize such dark conditions, to help bring wave upon wave of light and to help push back the darkness. So I ask you, in those times when you are not engaged in other work, keep these Portals in your mind and your prayers. Consider that this is an important part of your work, to pray for these conditions to intensify, for these Portals to brighten and strengthen and widen, that the power of these gifts from God will be energized and strengthened with each day. Yes we may pray for this as well but it is important that you pray for these things. For you bring an extra element to the structure of these Portals through your prayers, through what we may use you as a channel, an instrument to help in the construction and maintenance of these beautiful Portals of Light.

Wherever there is a beautiful soul of light who desires to establish a Portal in their residence or building or church or whatever the structure may be and there is stability there, a foundation so to speak, then a Portal may be established, added again to the great network of Portals. So for those who are listening to this message, wherever they may be, know that this is a possibility, that this gift may be given. It is not given lightly. It is not given in circumstances that are of happenstance and instability. It is given as a gift to those who have earned and have created a stable environment of Light around them and within their home.

If these gifts are deemed appropriate, those individuals will know that such a gift has been given. They may see it, feel it, sense that’s there’s something different in the atmosphere of their home, sense the love is present in greater abundance, that there is greater harmony and peace. We are eager to establish more of these beautiful instruments of light. As we are eager for all of you to continue in your efforts to help build the network of light, the Lattice of Light in the world.

These are exciting times, beloved souls, to see the movement forward, to witness a change in your world that is so needed, to see that there are great efforts to bring light to your world. And to see that these gifts are reinforced and expanded, not only from we in the Celestial Kingdom but from you as well, God’s instruments on this Earth. Know that you are given this responsibility, this gift, this charge of helping to establish Truth and Light in the world. That you have grown within your souls to such an extent that we have come to rely upon your light, your efforts and your ability to walk in the world as a light.

Though you are still mortals and human, you carry within your soul a great light, a power that is unusual in your world. You still try in your conversations and your comparisons with others to get an understanding of the light within your soul, of why you have such attitudes and love and acceptance as you move in the world. This is the light of your soul, beloveds. Yes within your mind you continue to have biases and prejudices, judgments and fears, and all things that are human. But you know, truly know, within you that these things are not ruling your life. These things become weaker with each day and the Truth emerges within your consciousness.

Be joyful, my beloved friends, of what it is that is happening within you, how you have indeed crossed many thresholds of understanding and of being in Light. You are indeed precious to us and deeply loved by God and also to have the Master Jesus send all the bright angels in Heaven praying for you, praying for your efforts to reach out, to connect, to help nurture the Lattice of Light. You have established a permanent foundation of Light and Love around you. You will continue to grow and awaken and see more clearly with each day, to observe yourself, to observe how God guides you, how the angels continue to gather around you as you walk in the world. Indeed you come to know that deep desire within your soul to serve, to be a Channel of Light. You are doing so, beloveds, even when you are at rest you are a Channel of Light. That light that burns bright within your soul continues to influence the world, to have its effects in your immediate environment and, at times, in places far-off.

So much happens without your knowing and realizing. So much is possible because your soul is coming awake and is unfolding as God continues to bless you and awaken you. So, my beloved, beloved friends and those who are your friends and our friends, know that much is happening, that there is a great effort, a great wave of change and love and light that continues to wash over your Earth. You become brighter in the process. You become stronger and emboldened in this ever-changing environment that God continues to enrich and enliven with His Hand upon this world. Know that much is coming, much is coming, that the world will open wide for you and make possible many things because you have your feet firmly implanted upon the Divine Path. You know the Truth. You, with each day, continue to make great efforts to live this Truth and so you are precious, beloveds. So you are lights in the world.

I say these things not to inflate great pride or possibilities that you are beyond others in ways of the world. No, my beloveds, as one grows in God’s Love, so grows a sense of humility. So grows a sense of appreciation and gratitude for God. For are not all of these blessings and all of these gifts and all that you are blessings from God? Be humble, beloved souls. There is wisdom in humility, there is grace in humility and there is power in humility. Be a Channel of Love. Grow in God’s Love with each day and know that you are truly loved and truly blessed, truly blessed.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem and I am happy to be with you this morning with your prayers. My love is with you. God bless you.