Messages 2019


December 20th, 2019

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am Yogananda, your brother and friend. Because you have come together in prayer and in humility, recognizing our Creator and asking to receive His Great Love, you have been blessed.

The situation in the world, the material world, is often one of lip service through the established religions and rituals. But there has been a great movement of secularism, of atheism, often well-founded, because of the misdeeds of church officials and of simply sometimes seeing no results, not feeling God’s Love but being asked to give in some way or another. However, even in these orthodox structures, there are those individuals who truly pray as you do. Perhaps without the same understanding that you have, nevertheless because they pray from their heart and soul, their prayers are heard.

You are looking at a world bereft of the humility, the recognition of the Creator in which deeds have been done for so long without regard to the health of the planet, to the health of individuals or to the needs of the soul. So you find yourself on the receiving end of the actions of the many. All is not lost for as you know your prayers are heard. Yes events will occur that are a result of many years of wrongful actions against the environment, not addressing the needs of all, greed and guns being more prevalent, or so it seems, than peace and charity.

So as I do, I ask you all, my friends, to step out in this world. If you must, put on the headlines of the newspapers: “Pray.” For what does the world have to lose? Everything was to be gained in God’s Love. Have faith. Trust in God. Go in peace in knowing your prayers are heard. My love and blessings to all. God bless you. I am Yogananda.