Messages 2019

Pray for God to heal the Rift between each Soul and God

October 21st, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Beloved souls, I am your teacher and healer, Seretta Kem. I wish to speak to what are the root causes of those conditions that are created within the individual that are in need of healing and rectification. You have prayed for healing for a loved one, beloved daughter. I tell you that God hears that prayer, hears the prayers of all of you who wish to support and bring harmony to the lives of each one. This is a valid prayer and an important prayer. In the beginning of the history of humanity, the beginnings of disharmony came with the exercise of free will, the desires of the soul for independence, providing a need for power and control of their lives, having a distance from the Will of God and implementing the individual’s will and expression in their lives. Though this in itself is not out of harmony with God, it is that exercise of will and desire that can most certainly bring this disharmony.

Each moment and thought and action that creates distance from God will add to the disharmony and darkness of this world. As you can well imagine, there is great darkness in this world because there is a great desire to enact the individual’s will, to bring themselves to that place that satisfies the need for self-gratification, for power, control and in many cases, to not feel those feelings within the soul that are not of love, but often of pain, deep pain.

So begins the cycle and patterns that are deeply engrained in the human condition. So begins the first step, often with the very young, towards further distancing from God and distancing from harmony. With each decision made, with each action taken, with each thought given that reinforces the human condition, these inharmonious ways, these conditions build within the individual. There is great disharmony that builds and builds until the precious soul has a sense that they are unloved, that they are isolated and that they are in pain.

In many cases, given these desperate conditions, the child will seek to be distant from the pain and will use avenues of distraction, substances that bring a lack of feeling, a numbness to all that is within them. This you have seen all about you, beloved souls, expressed in many different ways through many individuals whom you know and love. These conditions, heavy as they are, weigh upon those you love and upon yourself as you feel a sense of powerlessness to change them because they refuse to truly look within.

When you pray for those individuals and you ask for intervention and a blessing, know that God hears your prayers, but they may not be answered immediately. God will hold your prayers as one holds a bouquet of flowers and keep them alive until that day comes where there is an opening, a crack within that individual in pain, so that God may reach their soul and awaken some understanding within them, that they may change and choose light over darkness, confronting their own pain and have compassion for themselves and seek to build love within themselves.

Beloved souls, your prayers are important. Your example is important. Your love and compassion is important. Do not judge those around you, because each of you at some time in your life has followed the dark path to some degree or another. If you choose to recognize this within yourself, that at one time in your life you had deep pain and isolation that you sought to numb and remove yourself from this condition in your own desperation, some pattern within you was ignited to help solve this problem, unfortunately in ways that were not effective. Yet, you persisted and at some point you decided to change the direction of your life and choose God and choose light and choose wisdom. How can you judge your brother or your sister who is lost, who feels such pain? Though they may put on a mask of contentment and say that all is well, underneath these illusions is the true condition of the soul.

Beloveds, you cannot change the true condition of the soul. Only God can intervene. Only God has the power to put within them a desire for change and healing. But when you pray to God and ask for this blessing for another, you are helping to build that link, that channel where intervention may take place. This is important. To do so with true love and humility, to ask and to beseech God to heal your loved ones is an important step for each of you, an expression of the true nature of your soul and the humility that is within you.

You see that you begin to understand that as a soul, an individual, in the vast world of many souls, the power that you carry, your ability to change the world is very small indeed. But when you join forces with God and when you join forces with one another in this regard, you become a powerful agent to bring change. When you begin to heal within yourselves and dissipate those dark and painful conditions that you carried for so long, then you become a clear channel for God to help heal others. Alone you are one individual that may, in time, rectify and change those conditions within you that are not loving and of light. In this way, you become a beautiful soul in the natural love. This is indeed a blessing for those in the world who want to walk in the world with loving intentions and the wisdom that comes from the mind that understands the nature of life and the purpose of life.

There are spiritual leaders in your world who carry this light, who espouse truths of the natural love and path. For you, beloved souls, you carry a higher truth. In doing so you carry a great responsibility to live in this world in harmony with God’s Laws of Love, the Divine Love. In doing so you cannot hide away from the truth of your own condition that which is within you and not in harmony with love. As you begin to grow and you expand in God’s Love, so this awareness comes. But rather than to hide away, to find distraction, to push away the truth, with the power of God’s Love within your soul so you embrace the truth of your own understanding, an awareness of your true soul condition.

Of course you pray and you beseech God to help you to heal these conditions, this part of you that is not in harmony with Him. This is your challenge always, beloved souls, as God continues to pour His Love within your soul. So the awakening comes in many ways, in many facets, in many opportunities to truly know yourselves and to recognize the wonderment of your own soul and that which cloaks that wonderment in light.

First and foremost, you must apply these truths to yourself and live these truths as best you can with each day knowing that each day brings a challenge and a gift and a blessing. Each day beseeches you to be a loving channel in the world, to be strong, rather than judge, to love, rather than withhold, to give, rather than be an agent of the human condition, rather to be an agent of the condition of God which is Love. None are perfect. None have completely mastered these things, but you continue to grow and be challenged and grow again. As you awaken, your eyes open a little further, your understanding a little deeper, your capacity to love grows a little brighter.

Think of the challenges that you have encountered in your life and the challenges that have come to you as you have elected to walk the path Divine and awaken in Love. It has not been easy, beloved souls. You have not glided through with no obstructions or difficulties. Yet you have received and continue to receive the most powerful of all blessings, the Essence of God within your souls.

Can you imagine the struggle of those who have no such benefits and blessings? They struggle greatly. Often even in the face of the Truth of God’s Love, they turn away. They elect to be alone and independent. Their minds and their egos desire power and control of their lives. This is the very root of the human condition, beloved souls, this quest for independence, this quest to be away from God and to express the innate qualities that God has given them. Yet they do not truly know within themselves the ways in which they may find harmony without God. It is, as I have said, possible to find harmony without God, to explore and to express the individual capacities and faculties and abilities that God has given each soul. This is almost a universal election, to live in the world in this way. Yet you know and recognize the power that God has given to you and the blessing of His Love to neutralize those conditions that are not in harmony, that this extra blessing and power and Touch brings to you so great a gift and ability to overcome the human condition.

Do you not see how in our efforts to bring this Truth to humanity that we are indeed engaged in a great struggle to bring these simple, yet powerful Truths to humanity? It is important that each of you come to recognize the power of the Truth that you carry. It is glowing within your soul. It is a great Truth that must not only be expressed within your lives and beings, but shown to your brothers and sisters who are lost and alone and in great pain. You cannot force them to drink these Living Waters, but you may offer a cup for them to drink and taste the beauty and wonderment of God’s Love.

This is all that any of us may do, beloved souls. This is what we implore you to do with those you love and those you meet and those in the world you see are lost. We do not tell you to speak these Truths overtly and blatantly, no, but to give in love, to show in love, to express in love the light of your own soul and the opening of that beautiful channel of love that God is creating within you to touch another soul that will in time ignite an invitation and a question to that soul: are you willing to reach God?

God is beseeching you, each soul in the world to walk with Him, to be in alignment with His Great Soul. This will solve and cure all the maladies and problems and the dilemmas of your world. It is that great a blessing. It is that powerful that it will disperse all the darkness of your world given the choice of each soul to be open and receptive to this gift, to allow the power of this Love to awaken and heal the soul and bring great wisdom and strength and joy and peace to all.

The maladies of humanity start with a soul out of harmony with God. When you pray for healing for another, add in your prayer; “Father, put within their soul the desire to receive your Love.” For that is the very key to all healing, the most powerful blessing of all that will bring harmony to all.

May God bless you on your journeys, beloveds. I know you see all about you dilemmas and problems and patterns of behaviour that bring pain and isolate God’s children from Himself. You must continue to pray and have faith that your efforts, your prayers, your light, and your love will bring solutions and blessings. Though you must take into account the power of free will and choice for each individual, what is important is that each individual comes to recognize that there is a choice. There is the possibility of true and complete and deep healing and eternal progression of the soul through the inflowing of the Essence of God.

May God bless you on your journeys, beloveds, and the journeys of your loved ones and the journeys of those who are connected to each one of you. May we all continue to strive to move forward in light and awaken in love. May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I am happy to speak to you today about a very important matter, the healing of humanity, a great quest and effort that we all embark upon as we continue to grow closer to God and to be awakened within ourselves by His Love. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you. God bless you.