Messages 2019

Q&A: Prayer and Truth

July 11th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

My beloved, beloved brothers and sisters, I am Confucius. You wish to know how the angels of heaven pray?! I tell you, my beloveds, you are children in this regard. You could not possibly understand what our experience of prayer is to God. For that experience is of the soul entirely and expansively. It is not in words, beloveds. It is not utilising the mind. It is the awareness of the power of our souls’ desires to be at one with God. In that oneness with God, we engage in communications that are beyond the reckonings of the mind.

When you pray, beloveds, you are like a little child that reaches to its parent and says: “Lift me up! Embrace me!” This simple request, clear and intent from the child, is heard by the parent who in their love, embraces that child, comforts that child and to some degree, gives that child the perception of the world from that higher place. But you are children, children who are intent on their parents bringing comfort and love.

Our beloved, merciful Creator brings His Love and comfort to you. He ensures that you are safe. He ensures that you understand that you are loved. He ensures that you, from your limited capacities, understand the world, the world of God. But you cannot know what the parent knows at this time. You cannot know what we know at this time. You do not have the faculties to understand. But like any child, the faculties are evident but not developed.

It is the power of prayer, beloveds, it is the power of prayer that will awaken this given its intent directed to God to receive this Holy Essence, the Great Comforter, within the soul. This very basic Truth which you have learned from the beginning applies to each and every day in prayer, to reach to your Heavenly Father to ask to be lifted up and receive the comfort of His Love. Is there anything complicated about this? No, it is simple. Do you want to know more about the complexities of prayer?

You may receive insight into this as you grow, become stronger in your soul because it is there that this knowledge will come, not from the words that we speak and directions that we give. No, beloved souls, prayer is the holy language of the soul in its relationship with God. You must learn to express this with all your heart and soul. To be in communion with God is the sacred time within your day. It is for you to utilise that time, not in the mindful analysis of the experience but in that simple and direct desire to be lifted up and loved. This is prayer in its highest form. This is prayer in its innocence. This is prayer in the fullness of its power and beauty. Do not try to complicate this relationship with God, for as you do so and analyse and seek to understand in a way that will empower your mind, you walk away from the true experience of prayer which is wordless, which is an expression of the soul which carries the power of your truest desires, beloveds. Prayer is sacred and prayer is simple. Does this Truth change for us? No, it is more intense and deeper. It awakens more within us, for we are able to perceive and experience this sacred time in ways that you long for within your soul but not yet have come to experience.

Indeed as you speculate and chatter about the various ideas, concepts and what you call truth and seek to know our answers, remember that you will not find the Truth through your mindful considerations. Though you may acquire some inspiration and direction from which you may in time know the answers of Truth, it is the awakening of your souls that will give you the Truth in all its purity. It is God’s Touch upon your soul that awakens your soul.

This we have repeated over and over, a thousand fold. And yet you still consider so much from that place of mind, the material mind. You still entertain so many thoughts and considerations that when you are within your souls seem irrelevant. When a soul perception comes to you, it is multi-dimensional. It is complete in its concept and what it gives to your conscious self and cannot be absorbed in its completeness by the mind alone but is understood by the mind of the soul.

There are those in this circle who have had this experience, who understand what I speak of. And yet can they truly describe this, this experience of Truth? Because of the way humanity has developed, developing the mind with words and structures, formulating ideas and speculations upon truth, they have limited themselves with what they call knowledge but what is, in fact, merely the reflection of knowledge.

So when you think of looking within a pool of water and you see before you a reflection of yourself in that pool of water, it is a two-dimensional image that is lacking depth. It is merely a reflection, is it not? In order to understand water, one must be immersed within it, not to look upon it. This is what it is like within the soul. The environment, the substance of the soul is like a pool of water. You must immerse yourself within it to know it, not gaze upon its surface and say: “I know water”. For this is not true. I merely know a reflection, an image. You cannot rely upon this sort of reflection to give you Truth. You must rely upon the experience of the immersion within this substance to understand it. Indeed we continue to nurture you, beloved souls, to encourage you forward. Indeed many have come and answered questions that you have in hopes of directing you towards your own personal experience of Truth in this immersion of the soul.

You are eager to share these missives and messages with your brothers and sisters, all of you eager to hear and know Truth in all its form and beauty and depth. And yet, the best that we can do in this regard is to show you the reflection in the pool and say: “Now that you know that this exists, you must take that leap into it to be immersed in it and come to know for yourselves the Truth that comes with the experience of the soul awakened.”

Yet many of you insist upon the machinations of your mind. You read many materials. You consult with others. You see the words laid before you and those who speak to you with authority and say: “this is the truth,” you wish to believe and say: “I am comforted by these words and I am comforted by this truth and I shall share this with others.” I say to you, beloved souls, be cautious and be humble. Do not assume that what you hear from another is your truth for it is not. It is their truth and it is only a reflection of their truth because all that they can do is show you the reflection of it.

Each of you, if you are truly serious in this pursuit, must immerse yourself within the waters of the soul and speak to God from that place, that place that is imbued with the power of communication with God. For you cannot know a truth that is pure in this way, that is powerful in its effect and application in your lives unless you have immersed yourself in this place, this other place of assessing your experience of truth, your experience of God and what God can give you.

Prayer is like that as well, beloved souls. It is not the words but the intention. It is not the expression of the mind but the desires of the soul. These desires lead you to that road, that place where Truth may be experienced and acknowledged. As God embraces you and as you, His child, seek that embrace and feel for yourselves the wonderment of His Love and Grace and know for yourselves this one powerful and pivotal Truth: that God is Love and God’s Love for you is infinite. From that place where you and God reside together and you are well-immersed within your soul, the great benefits and faculties that God has placed within your soul will open the doors to true understanding and awareness. But until you are within that place, until you may look and recognize that place of soul, all that you think and speak of, all that you share, all that you read, all that is within your mind is merely the surface reflection of Truth, not the Truth itself.

So I urge you, my beloved brothers and sisters, seek to know your soul. Seek to know God through that place of soul. When you have experienced that place and when you have communicated with God those heart-felt questions and desires for knowledge, true knowledge, then you may be able to teach others how to come to that place of Truth. Until then, you continue to speculate, you continue to pontificate, you continue to analyse and look and say: “I know what Truth is.” But I ask you, my children, can you know from that place of mind?

This is not how we know, beloveds. This is not our reality. Our reality is much different. Our understanding of Truth comes from a different Source and the Source we have told you about many times. We keep returning to the one basic Truth above all Truths, to seek God in His Love, to seek your own soul through the yearning for God and His Love. In this way, God will grant you the treasure house of Truth in all its glory and wonderment, all its complexity and beauty. But first you must enter through the door of the soul and recognize that place and know the path you must take to enter again and again in silence, the stillness, the Light, and the Love of this communion with God.

Beautiful children, you instinctively know through your souls how to do this, this very task, to be in that very place, to walk towards God and to trust in what He gives in His Love. A simple prayer is a gift of love to God. When you listen and allow what God brings to you in this experience of His embrace, there is no doubt or confusion or speculation. The mind is left at the door and the awarenesses and knowings of the soul enter therein and come to know all that is there in that true place of communion. I cannot give you a higher Truth than this, beloved souls, for there is no higher Truth than this. It is the Truth whether said in words or felt in love, it is the Truth. You know this within you. Follow that knowing to its Source and you will be rewarded. You will be rewarded, beloved souls.

We look forward to the day when you are not children but imbued with the strength, the wisdom, and the knowledge that comes with the awakened soul, that comes with your ability to enter into that place of which I speak. So, we continue to encourage you upon that path of Love. Feel the expansion of your souls. Acknowledge its existence and enter through the door where all answers exist, all Truth lies, all Love reigns supreme.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Confucius. I am truly your brother upon this path. God bless you, brothers and sisters. God bless you.