Messages 2019

Questions and Answers from a Celestial Spirit

February 26th, 2019

Homosassa Springs, FL. U.S.A

Received by Al Fike.

God bless you my friends. Isis1 does not reside within the Celestial Realms. This instrument insists upon Celestial Spirits as his companions to speak through him. If you wish to speak to this individual, you must contact someone who is in attunement these particular spirits for it is an important consideration. There must be a certain element, a common element that allows for this communication to take place. In regards to celestial communication, it is the presence of Divine Love within the medium and the support of those around the medium who draw in the blessing of God’s Love bringing the power to that place where communication is possible.

What may seem easy from your side of life is actually a complex matter. We do not have many instruments of this calibre available to us, very few indeed. We guard our instrument well. He knows full well that there are limitations and that there are requirements for such communication to take place. Mediumship is a gift and the direction in which one may take this gift is a crucial step in what may come through. So this medium has taken steps and decisions which bring him to a place that allows Celestial Angels to speak. This is a rarity upon your Earth, beloved souls, a gift from God indeed.

We ensure that this instrument continues to be able to receive these messages of a high calibre and light and truth. They will continue to pour forth through his lips. Doors will continue to open so that you may communicate important information and possibilities of truth that may help all who are interested in the way of God’s Love. This is our focus and our mandate and it is that of this instrument as well.

So we are unable to bring through those spirits who are not in alignment with this effort. This is not to say that they are not bright spirits for indeed many are and earnest in their efforts to support mortals and bring greater light, but each has its own way and purpose and direction. I hope you understand, my son, that it is not always easy to call up the spirits that you wish to hear from.

(Do) Are you still Matthew?

No I am not Matthew. I am Alec. I am the predecessor to this instrument. I am one of his guides. I have observed his progress for many years. He knows me well. I am happy to see his light grow and all of your lights, beloved souls, grow in the way of God’s Love. This is our focus. This is what we aspire to.

(Do) May I ask a question?

You may attempt to do so, yes.

(Do) For my own understanding, to pray for God’s Love is the very essence to nurture our souls, to awaken it and the many attributes that are with it. The other part where I understand about our own personal responsibility to our souls is to cleanse our body and our emotions, the negative emotions and all, at least to recognize or maybe not so-called negative emotions but emotional energies that are lacking the harmony of the lights of our soul, for example, to grow. Am I understanding that correctly? Can you advise or expand on praying for Divine Love? Are those things necessary for us to grow?

When one is given the gift of life, it is important to be responsible with that gift, to work towards development and greater light in every aspect of one’s being. A child has nurturing parents. The child grows up and must seek the milestones of truth, must lay a foundation for his life, must be strong and clear in his thoughts, must understand the power of choice, the power of free will, but most of all, the child must understand the power of his own soul and how his soul is awakened and nurtured with his connection and communion with the Source of All, with God.

And so these strengths are developed in many ways as one passes through life exercising choice, exercising good judgment, having higher thoughts, being a loving individual, being true to one’s self, being strong in light. If these characteristics are indeed predominant in one’s character and being, then that which inspires light and repels darkness will naturally occur within the individual. It is often a struggle for the individual to resist the draw of the dark, and thus to be indulgent in the appetites of the flesh to an excess. These things counteract the light, the strength, the integrity of the individual. It has been forever thus in your world, this push and pull between dark and light, between compliance with God’s Laws of Creation and willfully disobeying those laws. One must indeed have a clear understanding of one’s motivations to understand and look within to those dark places and seek to release these conditions that they may be healed, that there may be wholeness and harmony within each individual.

This is the challenge of life, is it not? Each has his weaknesses. Each has his hurts, pains, confusion and errors but each is responsible for whatever step is taken with each breath and whatever thought is created with each breath. How one comes to ameliorate the difficult conditions that beset the individual, yes cleansing, may happen through overt desire to right a wrong that is within but as you all know, it is the power of love that must be the foundation for all efforts in this regard.

So to learn to go to God for the healing of your souls, to go to God to receive strength to overcome those patterns within you that are drawn to the dark, to go to God for the wisdom that it takes to discern between dark and light, and to go to God to awaken your soul so that you may know all that is true and discard all that is not. This is your challenge and it is a difficult one in your world. But for those who can overcome, who can bring balance and harmony within them, there are great rewards and truly they are great souls who are of light and who may be examples for their brothers and sisters and lead them into light.

It is not an easy path but it is a powerful path and it brings many blessings, many blessings. I hope this answers your question, my son.

(Do) Yes thank you. You said this world, it is very challenging and difficult in this world. Are there other worlds? Are we the only world that seems to be so stubborn and stuck in this reality, drawn to the dark?

Yes, our world is rather unique in the universe. Not the only that is stuck in darkness but it is unique because there is such a mix of light and dark. This often baffles those who look upon our planet from places that are lofty and of light and they cannot understand why we choose darkness over light when light is apparent, truth is apparent and yet there is still an innate desire to contravene the Laws of Creation. Somehow the wisdom of the soul is not understood by the powers of the mind. This is a great loss to our world, this inability to integrate these two places within so that there is indeed a balanced perception of life. Yet you and we are working toward this understanding in the world, to bring this to others, to live this ourselves.

This is why we in the Celestial Heavens continue to walk with you and support you in your efforts because you are needed deeply to teach and to live this truth of love. Yes it is a dark place, your planet, and there are others that are dark indeed but there are few that are so mottled with light and dark and light and dark. This is perplexing. But it is indeed a unique place like all of God’s creations and in their own way and unique ways, every aspect of life continues to move forward and to progress. So it shall be, my friend, so it shall be.

Now I will say goodnight to you, beloveds. I am happy to have spoken to you and I hope I have indeed answered some of your questions. Ah, the questioning mind of the mortal. I know this could be an endless conversation but rapport is limited and I must say good night.

Note 1 This refers to Isis the Eqyptian goddess. The individual who asked the question (T) is of the opinion this spirit is one of their guides.