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Questions Answered About Divine Love Healing

January 26th, 2019

Gibsons B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

May the light shine upon each of you and upon your world. I am Sri Yarisupta and I’ve come to answer your question beloved daughter. There are many healing energies in the universe and every physical object in the universe has a light - an energy about it. That light of the earth and all that emanates from this earth is the healing force that you refer to in your healing practice. This one energy, this one gift from God is one of many many. You are well aware of the colors and feelings that come from God’s gift of healing as you pray to be used as a channel of healing for another. It is best to be open and receptive to whatever God intends to give in this exchange. To narrow your focus upon one thing, one practice, one element, one color may be helpful but is not necessary.

As you grow in your soul, as the light expands and awakens, so many healing gifts of all different colors and dimensions and aspects of your being as God’s beautiful created soul come into being. Can you put a name to this? Can you say it is this or that? Can you prescribe what is needed? No my beloved souls, all that one needs to do is to ask to be used as an open channel for healing for another. Yes the energies and the feelings that come with these energies will vary, as will the colors, as will the intensity, as will many aspects of the experience change with each patient before you. It is not one thing, as you well know, but it is a rainbow of blessings. When you are close to God, by receiving this gift of Divine Love, it opens the channel widely and clearly bringing many more options and possibilities forward. Often the intensity is more pronounced, and with it comes warmth, the flow of Love and the comfort that every soul seeks.

Healing comes in many ways and helps in many ways when you are aligned with God, and thus His Blessings come. It may be that even the Holy Spirit will come and visit and bless the soul with the Divine Love, the ultimate healing, the ultimate gift.

When one is healing as one of God’s instruments of Love, there is always Love and you will attract the beautiful angels who are wonderful healers and those who minister to the mortals of earth. There is no restriction because with the Blessing of Divine Love, the palette that you use, the colors, the energies, the feelings, the openings widen, for there is no limit when the soul is aligned with God. The only limits are ascribed by the mind seeking to formulate patterns and rituals in the healing arts, who have been taught this by others. Indeed these rituals have a purpose at times, but generally I would suggest that you allow God to guide you in your practice. Allow your heart and your soul to dictate your movements, where you focus upon the body, the sense of your body, the way in which you administer to another. Often this is like a fluid dance as energies flow and you as the healer responds. Though our mind may have trouble making sense of these motions, these hints, the soul is in charge and is being used as a channel for God’s Blessings.

Like all things with the soul, it is a matter of letting go and allowing, inviting and developing the gifts of the soul. Each soul is different, their gifts expressed with different qualities, expressions and abilities. Combined with the physical, they make up what may come through each individual and be determined by these characteristics and by the condition of that of the practitioner as each day brings different energies and conditions. So there are wide variables, variations and determinants as to what may be accomplished in any particular day. The individual who is being healed also has much determination as to the blessings that may come. But when all is in alignment and harmony and the patient is open and receptive, relaxed and has a desire to be healed, and the practitioner joins in this condition, this alignment with God and the other individual, much can be accomplished, miracles may happen to these particular beloved souls.

There are many more aspects to the art of healing that I might express today. I tell you, each of you have a healing gift to some degree and in some way. Your opportunities to serve in this way will come as you continue to pray to be a servant of God. So the opportunities and openings for these blessings and energies to flow through you to another will be manifest. Yes, every mortal upon this planet has some gift of healing. Some are highly gifted, others may bring the light energies of the earth to bless another. It is all a matter of focus and poise when the soul, the mind and the body are in alignment and in harmony. In this, God uses you in many ways, allowing many things to flow, opening many doors so that you may experience the upliftment and the blessing of the healing energies of the universe.

As you grow in the Father’s Love, this highest of Blessings, so you bring this added gift that also transforms and awakens these healing energies in ways that are beautiful and remarkable. So I urge you, those who wish to be a healer to give in this way, do not limit this blessing with your minds, but realize that what you have experienced in your life so far is merely the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. As you humbly continue to progress in Love, seeking to serve as you do, channels of love and light, healing and peace, much will be revealed, much will be manifest upon this journey of service and soul awakening.

I hope I have cleared up some misunderstandings, answered some questions and have encouraged you upon your journey. There is no need for anxiety or concern as all awakens in the flowering of light of love. All blends together in the power and beauty of God’s Love. There is no need to delineate, to separate, or even to define as to what is in this gift. It merely is beloveds, it merely is the beautiful flower of God’s gift to humanity. You, each of you, bring this special gift forward in your own unique ways and so how can we define you, each of you, each soul? Only by your light, your beauty, your uniqueness, and the wonderment of your created soul. In God’s garden all His unique flowers are precious and loved, nurtured and cared for.

You are all part of the glorious unfolding of God’s Creation. May you feel the joy in this, the wonderment, the perceptions that bring all the beautiful details into your consciousness and you will find all that you look for, all the questions answered, all journeys opened to you, all blessings manifest around you and through you. It is the power of the essence of God that brings this journey to its fruition and you are well on your way beloved souls, precious in light, precious in love.

May God bless you, keep you upon His Path to glorious light my dear beloved friends. I am Sri Yarisupta and I love you. God bless you.