Messages 2019

Recognize Your Own Responsibility and Ability to Help in the Salvation of Mankind

March 19th, 2019

St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I have come to support you in your efforts in the continuation of the establishment of this network of light, this Lattice of Light in the world. (Re: Online Prayer Circles) Those of you that continue to pray and dedicate your time to the establishment of this important mechanism to bring greater light and blessings to your world are deeply blessed for these efforts. There is a great appreciation from our side of life for those of you who are willing to take this time in prayer, in connection, in fellowship and in dedication to the truth.

Beloved souls, in time this network will encompass the globe and be used for many different purposes and blessings for your brothers and sisters in your world. For God is initiating many different elements and blessings to help uplift your world in light. There is a great effort to inspire many to serve in these capacities, to establish these networks. For with the inclusion of many others in these efforts, whatever way God wishes to use and express these blessings, there is a great outpouring of energy empowering many things and many blessings to humanity.

Beloved souls, you are working together towards these ends, to open up the portals and networks, the flow of these divine energies expressed into the world. It is very important at this time that you do work together, that you are of one mind as this unity empowers and synchronizes what may flow through each one utilizing their gifts, utilizing the power of your lighted souls in the world. So beloveds, do not think of yourselves as one individual in the world but part of a network, a multiplicity of souls working towards lightening this world and bringing blessings forward to this world.

This is a purposeful act, one that is important, one that is powerful. In your prayers and your development of the soul and the efforts that you make each day for light, you continue to empower this network and to support one another in this unified effort to bring blessings to mankind.

So I ask you to recognize your own responsibility and your own ability to help in the salvation of mankind, opening up doors, portals, Lattices of Light and many more things that are to come, my friends. Much more is coming. For as you become more adept at this sort of unity, synchronizing your power and love together, many more things are possible and will be given to you to bring forward into the world.

Yes, we do not have many to work with, but those of you who are dedicated, who know the power of God’s Love within your souls, are precious indeed and are needed deeply in your world. As you allow the Father’s Love to empower the many blessings and gifts within your soul, so we will utilize these beautiful elements within each one of you for the benefit of your brothers and sisters in this world. There will be manifestations and surprising openings of gifts to give light and truth to the world.

Though you may see your efforts as meager in the vast world of humanity, I say to you it has great power and light and capacity to change the conditions of your world to bring greater light, to open possibilities for deeper communication with we in the higher spheres of spirit and in the celestial spheres. In this ability to communicate with us will come much support and truth and blessings that will assist humanity in the times to come as the earth continues to change and shift and bring all conditions that will bring greater light to this world.

You are the forerunners for the coming awakening of humanity, the pioneers. I wish for you to think of yourselves in this way, that these efforts are important and will pave the way for many more things to come. We place upon you, my beloved brethren, some responsibility to keep yourselves in alignment with God, to uplift your thoughts, to focus upon this invitation to serve as channels and instruments for this work of bringing the truth to humanity. Many more blessings are to come to you, each one of you, beloved souls, and many more mechanisms and openings and portals will be established in order to link the light of heaven to earth, helping to dispel the darkness and awaken humanity to their true potentials, to their true selves.

This is what is important at this time in your world. For if humanity is to progress forward, their souls need to be awakened. These deeper aspects must come to the fore so that as progress is made in the material world, it is married to wisdom, to the knowledge of truth, the understanding of the Laws of God’s Creation so that humanity truly can move forward in light. For in darkness there are great restrictions, but in light there is a great opening to many more blessings that will bring greater harmony to humanity.

Your efforts, beloved and beautiful souls, are paving the way for the openings of which I have described and wish to be, as does God wish for all these blessings and gifts be given to humanity for the betterment of all. So much awaits. So much awaits the light, for in the light and the way of the lighted soul, knowledge, truth, understanding will come and bless humanity with many gifts and understandings of the universe.

So this humble gathering of souls has within it the potential to steer humanity towards its future and its awakening as God guides you forward and opens the portals of truth within your souls. As His Love awakens you, so these powers of the soul, these abilities of the soul will not only guide you in your personal life, but God may use these blessings to guide humanity towards a future of light that all the souls yet to be born may be born into a place of light and truth and harmony.

So this, beloved souls, may be your destinies given your choice, given your prayers and efforts together. You create through these humble works and this desire within your soul to be together in prayer, a great opening, igniting potentials which at this time you could not fathom but will see with the eyes of your souls awakened. Beloveds, may you continue to grow in this wondrous love and continue to travel towards light, at-onement with God, so that all the potentials of your soul, the wonderment of your beings, the capacity to serve God in ever-deeper and more profound ways, may be awakened and brought to the fore.

So I say to you my friends, may God bless you deeply with His Love. May you carry the flame of truth up high declaring to humanity: “This is the future. This is what must be in our world. The power of love will carry humanity forward.” May you truly know this within your souls, my friends, and come to recognize that you have come upon the highest and most powerful of truths that will bring outcomes that are hard for you to imagine at this time, but are coming. It truly will come. It must come. For humanity is in great need. Humanity must turn towards the light and all efforts from heaven are directed towards those who are willing to turn their faces towards the light and towards their creator.

You are blessed deeply, my friends, blessed deeply. May you continue to be open, to receive these great blessings and gifts from on high. God bless you, my friends. I am Seretta Kem. God bless you.