Messages 2019

Releasing the Last Dark Vestiges in the Soul

January 28th, 2019

Gibsons. B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Beloved souls, it is Matthew and I come to answer your questions.

You do not suffer greatly my beloved children, though you believe that your life is difficult. And because you do not suffer greatly you are not highly motivated to release those conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Love though you feel you have prayed sincerely and earnestly for this gift. And yet those parts of you that hang on so tenaciously to the roots of pain, of lack of love, continue to dominate your conscious sense of well-being despite the many blessings that you have received, despite the light within your soul, despite your conscious awareness of these conditions and a conscious desire to release such conditions.

You see, we in spirit who bring the blessings of God’s healing and peace, His love, may alleviate these conditions from you at times and bring you peace and a sense of well-being. You must ask yourself: “When I pray to release these conditions within me, am I merely asking for the relief that your spirit friends may bring or am I willing to look deeply within myself? Bring these difficult and tenacious conditions that are so rooted within my mind, my beliefs, my understandings of myself to the fore and ask my Heavenly Father to take these from me in the healing of your Love.”

Many of you have deep expectations and deep judgements regarding your condition and those struggles that you continue to deal with, often on a daily basis. These worn patterns, these old hurts, these old beliefs are not truly expunged because there is a part of you that continues to hang on and does not want to release these carefully nurtured aspects of your condition and thought patterns.

Some time ago you received a teaching about the Pentecost and how many of you prayed to receive this gift, this dramatic inflowing of the Father’s Divine Love. Our beloved Jesus spoke of the conditions that were required to receive this gift. Conditions that none in the room or very few in this world are experiencing at this time. The yearning is not there. And so it is with your struggles and your desire to release these last vestiges of pain. They stick to you with such tenacity, such resolute stubbornness. It does indeed require equal force to break these conditions away from you and so your motivation, your yearning must be intense, beloveds, if you are to come to that place of release at this moment.

In time, my beloveds, these conditions will fall away. The power of God’s Love will ensure this healing. But if you are so intent upon being in a pristine condition of joy and peace, free of all elements within you that are not in harmony with God’s Love, then you must work very hard indeed to break free of these things. Not a pleading, a sense that God must do this for you, but plunging deep within yourself with a true knowing from your soul that when you face these demons within, with such sincerity and depth and desire and with prayer, this deep healing will take place.

Throughout the years, many of you have received much in the way of healing and soul awakening through your prayers for this gift of Love but indeed, these deep and old and tenacious parts, dark elements within you are the most difficult to expunge because their roots go deep within your soul nourished by your pain and anxieties, your thoughts and your judgments, all manner of emotional and mental machinations which feed and ensure the presence of these conditions. To truly go within, to truly look within is very difficult for mortals for each of you in one way or another carry your illusions and your ideas as to how you must be in the world, who you are in your own reality. To go this deep is to crack and break apart such well-worn and well-nourished elements within.

This is truly difficult beloved souls, but it is worth the effort. Though there may be deep, earth shattering pain in this visitation and gaze within your true self, it preludes the birthing of your soul in purity and light. In this birthing process God is there, we are with you as your nursemaids and you will come through such dreadful difficult pain to light and release, expansion and joy where true love resides rather than the illusion of love. True love, this is where God’s great Love penetrates the very darkest places within and heals all that is there. Are you willing to do this beloved souls? Are you willing to go to that place that so few are strong enough to face and see with clarity? This takes great faith, great courage and great desire.

Some of you lament that these things have not fallen away as you have so desired, as your expectations insist that such things may merely be released easily and reflexively with inflowing of the Father’s Love. Yes, this is possible. This is the power of love shining through, but for this to take place you must pray more fervently, you must have greater faith, you must trust and allow the deep healing to take place.

You have two choices, one in which you willingly and purposefully go within and seek out those dark chambers filled with fear, trepidation or you may continue with your prayers and in time the healing will indeed be granted easily, but this may take many years. For as the drop by drop gift of the Father’s Love accumulates within you, so its power intensifies and awakens and heals. So you must choose. Nonetheless, this healing will take place whether it be soon or at some future date. It must happen and will. It is your choice.

And so, I await your questions beloved souls.