Messages 2019

Resolve to Grow Your Soul

January 4th, 2019

First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

It is your teacher Augustine, once the Bishop of Hippo when on Earth, and now an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens. I greet you all this evening as you come together in this beautiful sanctuary, in the midst of this Portal of Light, to receive the healing blessing of Divine Love. I welcome you beautiful souls who are new to this circle. You have been guided here and we hope that you may become very familiar with this prayer practice in your life.

Each of you has a beautiful celestial angel standing with you, helping to uplift you, for you to reach deeply to God, to support you, to bring healing energies and helping to bring peace. We bring our gifts in the midst of your circle. There is one angel standing in the middle of your circle, helping to draw forth this light and this love.

It is good to hear you share and reflect upon the year that has just closed and what was good that happened. It is good to reflect, beloved souls, and to hold your gratitude for that which you have come through. For when one moves through challenges, there is a lesson to behold from this time in your life. These are tests, tests in your life, not always easy, but they do help to build your character, to grow empathy, to grow compassion and to realize that truly, each individual is connected to one another and that through your experiences you can help comfort another, as you can relate. So it is good to reflect upon these things that happened in your past year and the way you’ve grown and changed. May I suggest for this year coming, and those forward, that you be focused upon your soul. For it is your soul that is the true you, the part of you that carries forward into spirit life, once your time here on Earth has completed.

Beloved souls, building a relationship with your beloved Creator that is based from your soul, creates a lasting love and bond where you will feel supported and connected. You have a resource at every breath available to you, this Love of the Creator, that is available should you only ask and yearn and long from your soul.

One may ask, for where is my soul? Within my being where is my soul located? Mainly your soul is protected by your rib cage. As one yearns and longs for the Love of God to flow into their soul, the soul shifts and changes, grows and expands. And as this expands, it will expand within your body as well, so much so there can come a time when the entire physical space is filled by your soul. Your light, your connection with God can be that grand, where you are a soul realized true in nature, aligned and harmonious with the Will of God in your life. Truly this is an outcome worth every effort made. Make that your lifetime’s resolution, to grow your soul, allowing the seeds, the many gifts that have been implanted in your soul, allow them to come into fruition. Allow your desire to be close to the One who has created you, to be the focus in your mind.

Put your mind upon God, beloveds. Put every breath upon gratitude to God, inviting your Creator to cleanse your soul to release those conditions that are inharmonious, and asking God to replace these inharmonious conditions with love, with the Divine Love, with the Essence of the Creator. For God is truly waiting for you to reach from that deep place within you, your soul, and to share His Essence with you, to draw you close, to comfort you and to nurture you.

All comes into harmony, beloved souls. All comes into harmony. And when your soul is in harmony with the Will of God, your physical life, your relationships, your material needs, all things are met this way. So rather than working backwards, thinking from the mind you must attain this, you must reach for that, accomplish this goal, reach for this job, rather draw from your essence and reach from this place of soul. Start at your beginning point, developing your soul, bringing a great light, allowing this fuel of Divine Love to create a grand flame burning within you.

There will come a time in your life that you only have the ability to speak, to think and to take action from a place of love. Would that not be a grand world to live in, where love is the number one action and thought? Set your life upon this goal, my beloveds. Resolve to come to know your soul, allowing God to be close to you. For it is then, all else will come in perfect timing and in harmony that is meant specifically for you.

I thank you for hearing my words and we join you in prayer. Our love is with you. It is important, beloveds, your souls are important. Develop them. Ask God to cleanse them. Heal them and watch your nature blossom, the nature of who you’re created to be. God bless each and every one of you. I am your teacher Augustine and my love is with you. God bless you and good night.