Messages 2019

Supporting Portals of Light Around the World

October 6st, 2019

Gibsons, B.C., Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

Whenever I come to these Circles of Light I feel the longings of each soul and can see this bubble of love that you are in, in this present moment. We are drawn to you to assist you because we do feel the longings in your souls and we can see the Light, coming down from Heaven, into each one.

I have requested before, that if you so desire, for you to go out into the world, into these places that have been established as Portals of Light and those that are being created, and bring your prayer into this place, into each of these places. My beloved Findhorn is in need. As you are maintaining and reawakening these sacred places around the world, I again am working to assist you, not only in Findhorn, but in England, the Isle of Guernsey, Australia and on the continent in Africa. There are many of us working to establish these Portals of Light, these sacred places. I encourage you all, if you can make the journey, to go. We will be with you when you do. Let us create sanctuary and refuge and sacred places all over this world and maintain the ones that are there. God will do the rest.

What a beautiful, luminous Circle you are. I embrace each one of you with all my heart. My soul and your souls touching God’s Soul. God blessing us all. How wonderful it is! How grateful we are! I am your sister in God’s Love and with you on this journey. May the Creator infill your souls this day and always. I love you. I am Eileen.