Messages 2019

The Doorway to Light is Through the Heart

May 21st, 2019

New Milton, England, U.K.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda. You cannot imagine the joy in my heart to see such a gathering of souls opening up to God’s Love. It is a delight. When you come together and draw this Love into your souls from the deep longings that you have, you create a magnetism between you and God and you and each other. This magnetism, which is growing in what you call the Lattice of Light, attracts many spirits - those you cannot see who are with us, sharing in your prayer, feeling the shower of our glorious Creator’s Love come into our souls.

I have said before that when things are of the mind, they are on a certain vibration, but when things are of the soul, they are of Light. How do you get to this place? The doorway is through the heart. This instrument that I speak through, he has discovered this, that his heart is the doorway to his soul, so his practice is to go into feeling. I tell you, friends of my soul, whatever is in your heart, if you go there and you open up and you give it to God, it will dissolve in His Light and Love and be replaced by this Light and Love, such a glorious thing.

My wish for you all is that you continue to open up, to be in the Father’s Presence, to be healed where you are hurt, to forgive where you have not. This will help you to be in your souls. May you all be blessed eternally in the wonderful Creator’s Love, so that your souls will be transformed. I join you in this.

I am your brother and friend Yogananda and I love you. Thank you.