Messages 2019

The Experience of Receiving Divine Love Is By Feeling

January 17th, 2019

First United Spiritualist Church Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

My name is James Padgett. I would like to commend the dear soul for sharing with you these words that help you to understand the Divine Love Path and what it is that this Divine Love of God is, and the effect it has upon your soul. When on earth, I was chosen to receive through automatic writing many messages from the Celestial Angels and the dear master Jesus. You will find many of these thousands of messages received in the book that the dear soul referred to. [1]

It is not easy to explain through words what Divine Love is, for it is not something that the intellect can easily understand. Divine Love is for the soul and the soul understands it’s connection with its Creator. Yet one does need to have a certain amount of understanding from the mind in order to will themselves into building the soulful relationship with God.

The experience of Divine Love and receiving this love into your soul is by feeling, not by thinking, or by reason. It is simply by surrendering and opening yourself, the essence of yourself, to receive the great blessing and inflowing of Divine Love into your soul. Beloveds this energy of love is constantly around you, yet it does require you, of your own free will, to invite the blessing of your beloved Creator into your soul. With this love and this energy touching your soul, a transformation of your soul from its natural state begins, and it is a journey, a very long journey beloved’s, prayer by prayer and drop of love by drop of love. You will go through many changes. There are conditions that are upon your soul which inhibit the beautiful light of your soul from flowing freely. These conditions such as unworthiness, jealousy, competitiveness and anger are then, my beloveds lifted off and dislodged from you. What then resides in your soul is love, this Love of God. As this love is accumulated within your souls, your thinking, your actions, and your desires change and they become more aligned with harmony and love. You will see a desire for a deep communion and a deep union with your beloved Creator. Your will become one who serves God’s Will in your life.

Many changes will come to you beloveds, through your own free will in taking the time to sit and be still and be open to receive this blessing of Love. This energy is available constantly. You will find great peace comes into your soul and your being will be one of contentment, one of peace, one of joy and one of love. All of these attributes every soul yearns for beloveds, every soul desires to live a life filled with joy and peace.

Your prayer to God does not require any other individual to initiate you or to be part of your connection with God in your coming to know your Creator and hearing His guidance. Though it is important for those who are slightly ahead of you on this path to share with you the way in which they have learned and travelled their at-onement to God. For we all need others before us to encourage us, but on the Divine Love path no other teacher, no other individual can do the work for you. It is between you and your beloved Creator.

I was privileged enough to be chosen to receive these many beautiful messages that are in these volumes. I am delighted to come this evening to share with you this simple yet profound way of developing your relationship with your God. It is not for another person to tell you who your God is. It is for God and you to know one another deep in your heart, deep in your soul, walking step by step with God ever close.

I thank you, for hearing the call of your soul and joining this circle this evening and being in prayer and experiencing what it is to receive the essence the Divine Love, the Love of the Creator. God bless you dear souls, my love is with you, I am James Padgett. God bless you.

Note [1] The book referred to is titled “True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus” and can be obtained in pdf, epub, kindle and print form. There are four volumes to the series.