Messages 2019

The Innocence of the Soul Sets the Stage For Divine Guidance

October 15th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

I am John, John the Beloved. Our dear daughter feels at loose ends as you would say, and is not sure what direction to take or sure what the future holds. But in this hesitancy there is also a deep desire to serve and to be in the flow of God’s Will. So she feels compelled and yet without guidance. She feels the power of God’s Love that continues to pour within her soul and this is stirring many things within her. It is challenging some ideas and perspectives that have been long-held within her mind.

For many who follow this Path of Love, for many who see the example of others including the beloved Master who walk the Earth guided and compelled with each footstep, she believes that she is ready to follow the path of the Master, to follow the path of service bringing blessings of love and awakening to others. It is commendable that she senses the impetus of her soul to awaken, to be truly in harmony with the flow of God’s Will. Yet within her mind something is missing. Something continues to pull at her, a sense of unresolve, a sense that all is not as it should be.

My beloved daughter, as the soul awakens, as the power of God’s Love continues to have its effects within you, within your consciousness, so the sense of unease, that sense of restlessness and unfulfillment comes to the fore. The mind interprets this in many ways. The mind continues to want and need specific guidance and direction.

Yet as there is this push and pull between the mind and the soul, the consciousness of the soul, there are conflicts. There is indeed restlessness and dissatisfaction because that harmonious marriage between mind and soul has not yet taken place. There is still much negotiating to take place between these two aspects and perspectives that exists within you. The duality continues to bring conflicts and confusion.

For many who are in this state there comes a sense of frustration, of insistence, of thinking that they have earned a place within that is in compliance with their needs and thoughts and ambitions. This is the human condition continuing to insist upon certain parameters, perspectives and ideas that the mind cherishes and holds dear within. For many, many in this world, having a set perspective, a sense of how the world must be, brings a certain comfort and peace and sense of direction. But with the blessing of Divine Love, this well-constructed paradigm of thought and expectation is disrupted and in time must be released. For as the Master has said: “As a child, we go to God and in all innocence embrace Him.” When one’s mind encounters the soul in a clear way there is a sense of the innocence of the soul, but this is only one aspect of the soul.

There are many aspects of the soul. Within the soul is great wisdom. Within the soul is the capacity and ability to come to know the Will of God. This innocence is the fluidity of the soul’s capacity to engage in communion with God without restriction, without expectation. This innocence is important and necessary to bring to the soul consciousness a clear and powerful connection with its Creator.

Discovering the capacities and aspects of the soul does not bring great peace to the mind. Instead it is confrontational. It brings a difficult challenge to the well-worn beliefs and ideas that the mind has cultivated for many years. With all souls upon this world, the mind seeks dominance. The mind insists upon a somewhat restricted path to awareness, even upon the path of spiritual enlightenment. Thus many continue to apply these restrictions to many spiritual beliefs and experiences and directions. This is the common practice of humanity to continue to allow the mind to dominate and to define the path.

For those of you who are truly upon the Divine Path, the path of soul awakening, you have elected to awaken your soul and bring your soul to at least equal bearing upon your conscious decisions and perspectives. Within this marriage of mind and soul comes the flow of God’s Will, the awakening of the true source of guidance. This comes with the inflow of Divine Love. As this continues to come into the soul and awaken the soul, so the powers and abilities and the faculties of the soul come forward and bring a different perspective and sense of who you are, who God is, what is important in the world and the purpose of each soul within it.

In this way, many beliefs and ideas of the mind must capitulate to the power and wisdom of the soul’s understanding of life and of God. This epic struggle between what you call the ego of the mind and the Truth of the soul continues within each individual. They must reconcile these differences and approach life from a new perspective, a new way of seeing the world.

Until this new way comes to the fore and informs your thinking and doing in the world, there will be uneasiness and restlessness. There will be a constant challenge presented by your efforts to reach God and to express yourself in the world. This challenge may be manifest in many different ways. For many it is a sense of inadequacy, a sense of frustration, even a sense of distance from God. As the mind continues to assert itself in your consciousness, there is a pushing away from the Divine and an assertion of dominance and a desire for independence from God. It was always thus, beloved souls, in the world even from the beginning, this human assertion of independence, of power and control of their lives.

So each of you must confront this universal challenge that humanity continues to assert to God. Yet when the soul capitulates to God, allowing God to truly guide, to truly inform, to truly heal and awaken the soul, there is great harmony and joy. So it is unfortunate that the vast majority of humanity will not let go of their desires to control and to be independent and to be distant from God, allowing the material mind to continue to assert its imperatives and understandings of the world.

Thus the world continues to grow in darkness. Thus pain continues to be the predominant aspect of life rather than joy and love and harmony. Those true and strong souls who are willing to walk the path of Love, to awaken in Love, to let go of this terrible imperative of the mind, are clearing the path for others.

Soon God will bring upon humanity a choice: to follow that which is in harmony with Creation and in harmony with their own true being, or to continue to insist upon the imperatives of the mind. God is preparing each soul who is of the Divine impetus of soul awakening to bring forth in wondrous ways, in beautiful ways, this invitation from God to awaken the soul, to step out of the conditions that humanity has created that keep them from God. In the preparation for each soul who has elected to be a channel for God of Love and Truth, there are many trials and tribulations, many tests, many challenges that must be overcome. For God must use those who are strong, who are committed and who are faithful.

This surprisingly comes from the innocence of the soul, trusting in God’s Will and trusting in the simple purpose of each day that is presented to that individual. Rather than grandiose ideas and plans and expectations of their service to humanity, the true test is the acceptance of the simplicity of each day that brings the possibilities of service to others and service to your own soul in prayer and awakening, in contemplation, in loving your true self.

God’s Plan is simple, beloved souls. There is nothing that you can do that is insurmountable because God has laid before you something that is impossible. Instead your journey that is expressed day by day brings simple challenges, brings a test of faith, brings an opportunity to express love, brings wisdom and brings many blessings.

As you continue in this way, do you not follow the Will of God? Do you not express the innocence of your soul allowing God to continue to guide you and to show you the way upon this beautiful Path Divine. Yes the mind continues to be frustrated and perplexed and at times be confused. This is reflective of the conditions of your world, the conditions in which you were brought within, raised within, and taught to be a part of. Now God challenges all of these well-worn patterns and ideas with His Love. It is a powerful force, a force that indeed brings one to soul awakening and the reconstruction of the soul in Love so that the many conditions and encrustations of the soul may fall away. The soul may be reformed in Love in all its purity and goodness and unlimited potentials. Each day brings this possibility and brings you closer to that time where your soul is empowered to such a degree that all these dilemmas that the mind faces, all these conditions that world presents before you, all the road blocks and the difficulties of life are overpowered by Love and Light. In this true harmony will come. In this true wisdom, true strength, true understanding will come and love will reign supreme within you. Joy will be your daily lot. Truth will emerge within your consciousness and shared in all its power and simplicity and wonderment.

These things come with the soul awakened and cleansed and reformed in Love. May you come to know this, beloved daughter and beloved children who are eagerly seeking to awaken, to be used as God’s channels, to be a brother and sister, daughter and son of God. It comes ever so slowly but it moves forward, this great awakening. Express all that you have discovered thus far in your life. Be a channel of Love. Ensure that the Source of this Love, the empowerment of this Love within you comes directly from God through His Holy Spirit that conveys the Love into your soul.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloveds. May you be fulfilled in Love and that the rebirth of your soul may continue to be the paramount focus of your life. May God bless you. I am John and I love you. God bless you all. God bless you on your journey.