Messages 2019

The Mind and the Soul

July 29th, 2019

Schwenksville, PA. U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, Yogananda. I wish to speak on matters of the mind and the soul for those and to those who find it difficult to quiet the mind. Those who feel that perhaps, even though they are praying and being quiet, they are somehow not receiving the Love of God in the abundance that they wish to receive it, but not because of any lack of intention.

Although it has been said that one cannot do two things at once, or one cannot be in two different places at once, I wish to tell you it is possible to be in your soul and at the same time, to be in your mind. The issue is not whether you’re in your mind or in your soul. The issue is which one is in ascendancy. For to be in the soul through the longings of the soul, of the heart, feeling the presence and allowing that to inform the mind, this is the place that you wish to be. In the world, it is the mind that informs the soul, the material mind.

You are in the human condition so, we do not judge whether you are in your mind or your soul, but we can observe and we encourage. As you know, prayer, this opening to God’s Love, this longing to be in God’s Presence, to have your soul infilled with this precious Gift, this alone, this intention, whether it be with words or in silence, this reaches our Heavenly Father. He cannot help but respond with His Holy Spirit and bring the Love into every soul that sends this intention forward and upward.

So, my dear friends, when you feel that you are overwhelmed by material thoughts, by concerns, by all the things of the mind, I ask you, go into your soul. Talk to God: “Oh Father, put my soul into your soul. Open it up to your Love. Touch my heart. Awaken me that I may be a being of Light and Love for you.” As you send up this request, the Heavens open, the Love flows, the Light comes forth. You feel the Presence of our most Loving Creator and you are now in your soul, informing your mind. You are now in a place of guidance. You know through your soul perceptions now, which way to go, what to do. When you are in this state of Grace, this Holy Communion with the Father, you are in a sense, untouchable by the lower spirits, darker forces, vexations and therefore are able to bring a healing presence to those who might otherwise throw you out of harmony, injure you in a way or as they say “hurt your feelings.”

So, my dear ones, whatever you feel you’re up against, know that you can go into your soul, that the Father will open it up to His Great Love and you will attract those of us with the spiritual magnetism, the Light that is coming into your soul, as we come down through the spheres to be with you. Though this is a journey that can be difficult, it is so rewarding to us, even for one soul to begin this transformation. And now we have many souls in the midst of it.

Oh my friends, we are proud of you. We will continue to encourage you and be with you on this journey of not only your transformation, but the transformation of the world and the great healing that is needed that you have all committed to and embarked on; embarked upon this journey, for the sake of all. How we love you.

I am with you, my love is with you. May God bless you and embrace you in His Light and Love. We are all one in this. I am Yogananda. God bless you. God bless you.