Messages 2019

The Poverty of the West

September 2nd, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in the love of God, Yogananda I have been listening to the stories of the dear sisters’ travels.1 I must say one can feel the richness of the soul in a place of such austerity and such need. Yes, those people in that far-off place, the beauty of their souls, the openness contains a richness not often seen in the West. I experienced this in my country where extremes of wealth and poverty existed and still do. Very simple needs were met with much gratitude but spiritual aspirations, spiritual aspirations overtook all other concerns.

Until recently, I saw the need to bring spiritual life to the West in a more soulful way through Kriya yoga and my understanding of God that I had learned from my teachers. I saw the great hunger in the West, not for material things, but the hunger of the soul. As you know, there is still extreme poverty in much of the world and in the West so much material wealth, enough to take care of the entire world, easily. Yet, you see the situation we are in is very lopsided. So yes, in that far-off place, they will continue to need material things, simple things and be filled with gratitude when you bring them, or send them. But you find yourselves filled with gratitude to have been met by people, their souls so open, so filled with the simple joy of spirit, the Love of God, welcoming you, welcoming your souls, touching your souls, souls touching each other.

So now, back in this Western place, with everyone delighted to see you returned safely and changed by your experiences. I ask you all, continue to address the poverty in the West, the poverty of spirit, by bringing the Truth of God’s Love and Light to all wherever you may find yourselves. You are so blessed to see through materialism, to use it for what it is worth but to know in your souls the true value, the real wealth, the great abundance, the richness of God’s Love that awakens the soul, changes the heart, heals the wounds.

Welcome to all. May God continue to bless you all, fill your souls, change you, that we may all be one in Light and Love. It is my privilege to be here. I give you my love and blessings in the great Love of a glorious Creator. God bless you, your brother and friend. I am Yogananda.

NOTE 1 This message was delivered to a group of ladies returning from visiting and volunteering at at an orphanage in Namibia, Africa