Messages 2019

The True Meaning of Divine Love

October 14th, 2019

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, your friend and brother Yogananda. I say to you, this Divine Love - and when I speak of Divine Love I mean the Love of God and not anything less - as there are many in the world who say this is divine, that is divine, this is Divine Love, but this Divine Love that we Celestials speak of, this is the very Essence of the Heavenly Father. It does not have ups and downs. When you are in this Love, there is a bubble, a protective bubble around you and a Light and you cannot possibly wish harm on another.

This is how you know you are in Divine Love. The disappearance of ups and downs, of them and us, this at-one-ment with God, the radiance surrounding the heart, this beam of Light coming down from the Heavens, this spiritual magnetism that connects your soul with God, this is the reality of the Celestial Heavens. This is the reality that the dear sisters spoke of. I speak to all parents when I say, it is immensely important to share this Love of God with your children whatever their age, with the world yes, but with your children it is so very important.

As the Master said: “Love others as I have loved you”, meaning in God’s Love. You will create an eternal bond with those you touch in God’s Love. There is no end to it. It is above this world and beyond. Yet it embraces this world. Carry this Love with you dear friends. Walk in the Light. Live in the Love. Do no harm, as the great philosopher Hippocrates, said: “Do no harm.” And as the poet Virgil wrote so long ago, “Love conquers all.” How very true. Love all in God’s Love.

May God fill your souls and transform them in His glorious Love and Light, this gift you are blessed to receive. All my love and blessings to you. I am Yogananda.