Messages 2019

The Yoga of God’s Love is the Highest Yoga

September 15th, 2019

F.U.S.C, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I was with you all earlier in the beautiful little church. My friend here, I must say he is quite distracted today. Cupid is on his shoulder as they say. So he did not get the full report of what I wish to convey. So to the dearest sister who wondered, I will say that the yoga of God’s Love is the highest yoga, not the only yoga. That was what I wish to convey. But also to this group of souls, though the words may be different as the dear lady said, the intention is to draw the angels near, to be in the Heavenly Light of the Creator’s Love, to receive in whatever language, the vibration of the highest. Is this not all what you wish, not only for yourselves, but to convey to others?

So as I said at one time, yes, our paths seem to be different, different cultures and yet we all long for the same thing, for the union of our souls with our most loving Creator. There are of course many paths. If they are from the heart, if they are made in love, then they are all good. Yet the path of God’s Love and the transformation of the soul, yes indeed those of us who are Celestials, we will say this is the highest path.

There are so many drawn when this group here, when you are in harmony and condition, the light from your souls and the intentions, they draw us near. I know sometimes you are aware of how many are here from the Celestial Realms. I wish to confirm, yes, this is true. So I come with you to be in the Portal of Light, this place of love, this place of the deepest intentions of the soul for at-onement with our Creator. We are all here to bless you and honour you. We will protect you on your journeys because you are precious cargo, not only to God put us as well.

My love and blessings to all. I am your friend and brother in God’s Love, Yogananda.