Messages 2019

Tune In to the Celestial Channel

August 31st, 2019

First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in God’s Love, Yogananda. My dear friends, as my dear brother spoke about the difference between being at one with the Universe, mankind, the Earth, the planets and the yearning to be at-one with the Creator, I hope you can see the distinction in feeling at one with Creation and yearning to be at-one with the very Creator, the Source of All Being.

Many teachings now are emphasizing this oneness with the Universe and it is a wonderful thing. It is a peaceful, calm, welcoming thing to every soul to feel this oneness, to see it. But I tell you the deeper yearnings of your souls for happiness and joy and the at-onement in God’s Love, this does require one to be humble, to put in a request from your soul to the Creator: “Most gracious God, open up my soul to the inflowing of your Love. Connect my soul with your Soul. As my heart opens up, may your Love dissolve any barriers that have come between us. May I walk with You. May I be a channel of your Light and Love in this world.”

Of course you may have your own version of this. It does not even require words for the intentions of your soul, the Creator knows. The world is filled with thoughts and the material mind. I would say it’s like deciding which TV channel to tune in to or radio. There are all these waves, all these thoughts. Yet here in this place, this beautiful Portal of Light, we come because those here are tuning in to the Celestial channel and allowing those of us who live in the Celestial Heavens to speak to you.

This effort that you make here has ramifications around the world, in the Lattice of Light, in the bubble of Love. So when these thoughts come in, if you cannot disperse them, talk to God. Raise your thoughts to God so that your thoughts are transformed to a higher spiritual place where then the soul takes over the mind and you are with us here in God’s Grace and Love. Allow the doubts that linger to disperse in love. Wherever you are in your journey, know that Love is the highest, and God’s Love for sure, is the ultimate. This is not only your privilege, but if you wish, your destiny should you so choose.

We are with you. Many of us are here today, with each one of you as God brings the Love into each soul. You have our guidance and our love. We are grateful to be with you and we love you so. My love and blessings to all. May our most gracious Creator bless this place and every soul and heal every wound, every hurt in Love. I love you and I am your friend, Yogananda.