Messages 2019

Use Social Media to Reach the Millions

September 16th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is Charlie as you say, yes. How wonderful when the world has no weight. As Andrew says, love leads the way. As you know in my life on Earth I had visions of a better world and I made movies which brought joy to many because I could always see the humor even in the darkest hour. I made political movies and I made social justice movies and romance and pointed out the disparities between the rich and the poor. But you see at the center was the heart. Though I did not know God, I knew my own heart and when I rested in my heart, I could bring the vision I had to the screen.

I am still B.C. Charlie, Before Celestial, but I am on my way to being A.D., Angel Divine. This too is your journey so I wish to suggest a few things. You need not focus so much on the political. There are many people in the world working on that. All of you dear souls, you will affect many peoples’ souls and their hearts will be opened. This too will have a wonderful effect on the world bringing light in this dark hour.

I also wish to say in my day I had the big machinery of the movie industry behind me. They made sure through the press and other means that the word got out for another film and of course millions came to see it. In your world, though at times you think it impossible to get the word out like that, you have this social media and you can reach millions should you choose to do so and I would encourage this. It is not beyond your grasp. I would also say that at times you feel that your message is only for this group or that group and yet there are many in the shadows of orthodoxy yearning also for the Light and Love in prayer and song that you bring. So reach out, my dear friends, reach out to all. This will cost you some time but it shouldn’t hurt your pocketbooks. Of course, the Celestial reward is priceless. So with a smile in your heart proceed.

I am your friend and brother on the Celestial journey. My love to all. May God bless you all with His glorious Love. I am Charles.