Messages 2019

Use Your Art to Spread the Truth of God’s Love

December 6th, 2019

Waianea, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am Charles. You of course know me as Charlie Chaplin. It has been a while since I spoke, but I wish to add a few things. At times, because you see your group of Light as being small, a Light in the darkness, you can be discouraged. I lived in a world where there was much darkness and I refused to accept it. I spoke out against it. Though I did not know of the Divine Love, I did know of love and justice and the difference between right and wrong and the equality of all beings.

As an artist, I encourage those of you who have the gift of writing, song, film, painting, or whatever it is, I encourage you to put this love that you have from God, this Light, this happiness and humour out into the world through your art. Help each other with this. This would be a great gift to humanity. For may be they will not read a book or join you in this way that you are joined in this moment, but they will watch a movie, they will listen to a song, they will look at art. You have a means of communication that far exceeds what we had in my day.

So the joy, the happiness, the wonder and the glory of the Love you have, take this to the world, this world in darkness and know that you are not alone. There are many around the world. They may have a different language. They may have a different culture, but they too seek and pray for connection with God in His Love. Be not discouraged, but carry on. Shine your Light in the darkness. This Light you are so blessed to have. This truth that I did not know on Earth and now know, you are blessed with.

I am honored to be with you this day believe it or not. So if it is your wish to shine a light in the darkness, you will have much support. Remember this and know you are loved more than you know, but not more than you can feel. Thank you for allowing me to come. I will support you all in whatever way I can and know that you have the company of the Celestial angels. Transformed souls, how can you miss? Go in good faith and humour and joy. All of my love. God bless you. I am Charles.