Messages 2019

Q&A: Various Questions

July 12th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

The conditions of light, the blessings from God that were given for these moments of prayer together continue to linger in this room and amongst you, beloved souls. So I am quite happy to entertain your questions if you have some to present. I will continue to do so while you are in prayer together for these few days. God’s blessings continue to flow upon you, beloveds, and if there are teachings that you wish to have presented to you then they will be given, a deep blessing for you all, beloveds, a deep blessing of love.

QG. Thank you, Josephus. My question is not a question but an understanding of the scope of the questions that we may ask.

J. I believe we have been quite clear as to the limitations and scope of what may be asked. Our intentions are to speak to you in terms of soul awakening, understandings of the deeper implications of the power of God’s Love working within you. We do not wish to entertain personal and private inquiries. Each soul has the possibility of being guided and to be open to guidance from God. In these quiet and private moments with God, you may ask your questions of God and may often receive an answer so that faculty of response to your prayerful inquiries and needs is already available to each of you. Our desire is to give to you clarifications of truths and laws, understandings pertaining to the gift of Divine Love, the awakening of the soul. Do you have further inquiries, dear son?

QG. No, thank you.

QL. I have a question about the ongoing energy of the messages. When others who are not in the circle listen to them or read the messages, are the blessings and healings that are conveyed to us here continue with those people, even in years in the future?

J. When a truth is read in print or discussed with another or contemplated, by the Laws of Attraction, by the power of God’s Love and Will there is a blessing for that individual. Of course there are limitations, we cannot replicate the conditions that we have built here in every instance to those who are seeking to read and understand the messages that are given. But there is a blessing, my beloved daughter, for those who would even hold that piece of paper with the writings upon it for there is a light, an energy that is imbued within that object that is a blessing from God. For each item of truth whether it is in words and print, whether it is verbalized from another, in whatever way it is given to the world, it is blessed with light, an energy or blessing comes with each effort to bring truth to the world. This is why when you stand and speak to a crowd or to an individual you feel the grace that comes with that instance of communication. Part of God’s plan is in this blessing that comes to reinforce those who speak truth and who give love and` desire to be a channel of love. So your efforts to spread the words of truth in the world are rewarded, beloved souls, deeply rewarded within your souls. And the one who is receiving and open to these truths and this blessing will also be rewarded with light to help them and uplift them and bring them to some understanding of truth. God’s plan and God’s blessings for those souls who seek and desire to be uplifted are multidimensional and have many facets and expressions. So this work continues to ignite the many blessings in your world, the great light that continues to grow through your efforts and the efforts of many including those on my side of life. This shall indeed grow and intensify and you will witness in a palpable way how powerful this light is that will bring the truth to humanity.

Does this answer your question, dear daughter?

QL. Yes, quite well, thank you.

J. May God bless you.

QJ. Josephus, I’m wondering if you’ll be able to join us Sunday morning for the online Circle of Light. We are so gratified, so happy about the growing, strengthening bonds of love of people who join in on these calls so I’m curious about the Circles of Light, the Portals of Light, the Lattice of Light. Our dear teachers have encouraged us to strengthen them and we are praying for them and such a blessing today that Darlene shared with us how she saw the portal here as I understand it stretching forth from the center of the earth and the darkest hells right up into the Celestial Heavens. So I’m very curious about this work God and the angels are doing and our role, our efforts, how we can support and strengthen - I just want to know everything that you can share with us about the portals, where they are, how we build them - I mean we can’t build them but I think you get the gist of my inquiry.

J. The gist of your inquiry is quite extensive. So where do I begin to answer these questions.

QJ. Are you going to come on Sunday morning, that was the first part.

J. If you wish for us to come and answer questions within your circle that is such of an unusual character, we would be happy to do so provided that this instrument is prepared and ready to be used in this way.

QJ. Is that a good thing, or you’d like to encourage it when it’s online or is it better in the circle such as this?

J. We encourage truth wherever we can, beloved soul. We encourage your efforts, for your efforts have intentions of light and love, of sharing truth and bringing together many souls from many parts of the world. This is a great gift and boon to us all, is it not? To open up these doors of communication, to help others feel that they are a part of a family that is intent upon loving and supporting the journey of awakening the soul through God’s Love.

And yes, these portals are powerful instruments that God has gifted the world with and all of us with for this makes our efforts much easier to reach the conditions of your world and allows many, many angels to come at one time into your midst and to work with you and through you for we have much to accomplish as do you in bringing of truth to mankind. So God continues to bless us with the instruments that are required to bring this truth more fully, more powerfully, more beautifully to the world. You live in a very interesting time, beloved souls, one in which the miracles of such things are available and manifest in many different ways in your world. I cannot explain in great detail and depth all that God has provided to enact and fulfill His desire for the salvation of mankind but I assure you, beloveds, that the power of this great plan and the blessings that come with it are extensive and are effective in the ways in which this will be implemented, this plan of God to bless humanity. So that you may play a part, each of you, and the many more who are involved and yet in their minds they are not clear in their understanding of such, will continue to be benefited by many blessings and manifestations of gifts and instruments to assist them in their work. You are very fortunate indeed that you to some extent understand, have a clear vision, have some insight as to what is manifest in these blessings from God. This will continue to come to you and build a true understanding of what God intends for this world and what God brings in a blessing for this world. So, my beloveds, you are favored indeed because you have made a simple choice, a choice of light, a choice of truth to awaken your souls in this great love of God. In this way you will have exceptional opportunities, exceptional insights and be deeply blessed as time proceeds in this awakening of humanity and bringing to them the choice that they must make for light.

Many will be coming to you, beloveds, and will ask you what you see and know and understand in this great flow and wave of change and disruption of the world, a disruption that is a blessing to awaken humanity. You must be well versed and clear within yourself and close to God in your soul’s longings and communions with your Heavenly Father. In these ways you will be equipped to teach, to uplift, to bring peace to the souls who are in distress, who are and will be in great need, who will need an anchor in their lives so that they may weather the storms that are coming and be open to the guidance and flow of God’s Will that is intended to touch every soul in your world. Your mission is to help awaken mankind to the possibilities of truth and love. You are doing so now, beloved daughter, and all of you who are involved. Continue to do your parts and to learn as you step forward and express your soulful gifts and perceptions and understanding of truth and to do so as a channel of love so that love infuses everything–your words, your being, all that you do and express.

I cannot go further than this in my explanations.

QJ. Thank you.

QD. Dear Josephus, can I ask a question regarding…I am reading “Who and What is God,” a beautiful work that was channeled through James Padgett and this question is regarding how we are created souls but that with God’s Divine Love, His very essence, we become a part of God. I guess what…I’m not sure how to articulate this but I just want to hear of God’s Love, about how much God loves each and every one of us and that He knows the hair on our head, He knows when a sparrow falls, I guess my soul really yearns to know more about God and I pray and I seek this in my life and I know that there are  many that are lost and for them to know how much God loves each of them, every one, every one of us. This is such a relief that we have such a God of Love, our Creator, and how blessed we are to be an individual soul. But to hear it from your lips, to hear…you know, you are in the Celestial Heavens closer to God and I think just to hear about God, who our beautiful God is from your experience, this feeling of love that God has for you and all of us.

J. So you wish for me to express a sermon on God, dear soul?

QD. To share your feelings of this, of God’s tender loving care to each and every one of us, this love…to know of God’s Love for each of us. I don’t know if that would be…whatever you can do to elaborate on just that idea.

J. It is not an idea, dear daughter, it is the truth. The power of God’s Love you will continue to discover and know in your life if you continue to reach for God and receive the blessing of God’s Love within. As the soul awakens, so the faculties of the soul are able to perceive God, to understand the depth of his love and we in the Celestial Kingdom know to a great extent the depth of God’s Love but we also are aware that this experience and understanding in our communion with God, His great soul, continues to grow and will grow for all eternity. To convey to you the power of that experience, the understanding of the extent, the breadth of God’s Love for each of His children is not possible. For to understand you must come to that place of being with God, of asking God to open the way for you to understand His blessing, the power of His Love for you and for all. This holy communion with God, this great blessing that comes, this response that comes from God’s Soul to yours through the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit is a personal and individual experience that grows and grows as you with your faith and your prayers and your longings and your receptivity continue to receive and be ignited by the great awareness and power of love that comes.

Beloved souls, do you not feel God in this room at this moment? Have you not been guided towards God with each time that you pray together in a Circle of Light? We continue to point to God and say, this is the Source of all, this is the power that empowers us and empowers you upon your journey of love on the awakening of all that is within you waiting, waiting for the touch of God to ignite all the faculties of your soul. Love will grow, the understanding of love will grow. But the true and clear perception of the power of God’s Love is not something that comes with words or descriptions. It comes with your prayers and opening to God, feeling and knowing His Presence and Love for you, allowing the infusion of this great Love, this energy, this essence of God into your soul.

And with this I will bid you goodnight, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply, may God uplift you, may God take the scales from your eyes so that you may see for yourselves the glory and wonderment of His Love and presence in your lives. God bless you. I am Josephus. My love is with you.