Messages 2019

We Will Be With You in This Sanctuary

June 24th, 2019

Island of Guernsey, UK

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

As I promised, I shall come here whenever you come to be in “Holy Communion” with the Father’s Love. In fact, what we wish to establish here is this “Holy Communion” that is not dependent upon traditional or orthodox religious ceremonies, but the communion of the souls of those who come here, with the Soul of God, the wonderful Essence that is the gift for all. My brother who rides the waves knows the Divine Love. When you come, we will be with you. We will guide you, do not feel you come alone. We will be with you.

When others come with you, we will guide your words, we will guide your prayers. We only ask that you open your heart, open your soul and the Love will flow. We wish to establish this sanctuary in Light and Love. As we have said, this is a healing place. However, it’s not dependent upon ritual, but purely and simply on the intention of those who come to be healed and those who pray for such a healing. God does the rest and we always assist. So we encourage you to remember that we will be here with you whenever you walk in this door. There is much work to be done here, but already this place is established in God’s Love and Light.

I am with you, my love is with you, God’s Love is with us all. I am Francis.