Messages 2019

When you see with your Soul

June 22nd, 2019

Island of Guernsey, UK

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am the one who walked in the hills of Assisi with my friends. In a very simple fashion, we prayed and played in nature, which was our first church. We eventually built a small church in which the presence of God remains to this day. I am guardian of this church where you sit and this island, this beautiful island. There are others, but I am the guardian of this church and I will be with you when you come here.

I wish to say a few things on behalf of my brother Yogananda, who is with me today. We often travel together, so I will try to convey on his behalf as well. We wish you to remember that when you receive something, when you see something, it is your soul that is receiving, that is seeing. It is your mind that tries to make sense of these things. The mind is a wonderful organ of discrimination that can process these things and make it this or that. It can organize things. But when you receive something from spirit, especially from the Celestial angels, we ask you to process this with your soul. The perceptions of your soul go much deeper than the intuitions of your mind, because they touch on the very truth that is the foundation of the Universe.

We would ask you, when you have a vision and we speak to the dear sister who paints such wonderful pictures and to her husband, who is such a glorious gardener, we say, when you see us, if you wish to paint us, you will know in your soul exactly how to put that together. You will make a bridge between this world and the Celestial heavens. We will be with you. We will always embrace you in love and we will support that. Of course, you have free will so, as all of you do, we cannot say you must do this, you must do that. We make an offering to you. But we do wish to convey, to let go of so much consideration of the intellect and just be in your souls, in your hearts. This will give you all the answers you need.

It is our great honor and pleasure to be with you all today, in the Presence of our Creator’s Love. May this place be a sanctuary, be a refuge for all who come and most certainly a place of healing. We thank you all with deep gratitude for your desire to receive the Creator’s Love and to walk in Light with us. How we love you. We truly do, and God loves you.

I am Francis, with my brother Yogananda. Thank you for allowing us to speak today. God bless you.