Messages 2019

You Have Opened a Portal of Light

March 3rd, 2019

Manhattan, N.Y. U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.

God bless you, beloved souls. Dear and gentle souls who come to seek truth, comfort, and love. In your coming together you have opened a Portal of Light[1] in this place, a portal that goes very high into the realms of Heaven. Flowing through this portal are many blessings, and the Love of the Creator pours into this room. May your souls capture this Love for its burning energy will not fade ever but be a part of you for all eternity, this gift of Love from God. Open your hearts, beloved souls. Open yourself to this Divine Blessing that will sustain you and continue to inspire you to be in alignment with the Divine, with God, with all that is of good and harmonious in nature, with your own soul that cries out for your acknowledgment and to be expressed in your world.

The world is in great need of those who are willing to walk this path of love, to be channels of love in the world and to speak truth to the world. There are many changes coming for your world. Many things are changing and there is a great opportunity now for each soul to rest in the bosom of God, in this light of Love. May you also do so. May you walk in light and know the deep peace that passes all understanding, for God continues to pour His Love upon you. May you come to know this Love as real and substantial, as transformative and healing so that you may live the rest of your days on this Earth in harmony, in peace and in joy. That the truth may be within your consciousness, the strength and beauty of love within your heart.

Beloved souls, you are needed in this world. May your gentle and beautiful lights continue to shine and be expressive of love. Reach out to your brothers and sisters. Reach out to this world as agents of change, agents of love, so that you may help your brothers and sisters who are lost and in pain. You have been drawn in this circle to help support light in your world, to be a channel of light in your world. Open yourselves to this gift, to the possibilities of light and you shall live a life fulfilled with all manner of joy and experience, of knowings, of being with God.

Many of you seek the mystic experience of the upliftment of your soul. I tell you, beloveds, seek ye the Kingdom - which is God’s Love - and all shall come to you in good time and measure. This simple act of prayer, the simple desire, a yearning from the heart opens many doors and many possibilities. You are invited to walk upon this path of light. It costs you nothing other than your time and expression of your heart. It is free to all and given to all who have a sincere desire to receive.

A simple prayer, “Dear and beloved God, open my soul to the inflowing of your Divine Essence,” is all that is needed. In this, the universe of God will open to you. It will open wide bringing much to your awareness, many possibilities of awakening, many gifts that reside within your souls will come to life. Your life, the perception of your life, the expression of your life, shall change accordingly in this wondrous journey of love.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Augustine, once the Bishop of Hippo many, many years ago. I continue to speak through this instrument and teach wherever I may to those ears who will listen. I reside within the Celestial Kingdom and I am very happy indeed to come to you today to speak my simple words of encouragement, to say to you, beloved souls, that you are truly loved by God. Come to know the power and glory of God’s Love for you and your life will be a wonderment and expression of your soul awakened in Love. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you on your journey. I am Augustine and I love you. God bless you.

Note 1. This would be a temporary portal. Normally we deal with permanent portals, so this is an occasion of note.