Messages 2019

You Shall Overcome

December 7th, 2019

Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

You knew I was here, did you not? Ooh, thank you for reading that beautiful prayer that I received. I come with a matter of urgency. I do not wish to be too serious, but I spoke with Charles (Chaplin) the other day about the need to have a many faceted outreach of the Truths of God’s Love. He of course, gave his message about film and art and I was surprised he didn’t include dance, but dance too.

You have many gifts in your community and there are many around the world who desire to bring forth the Truth of God’s Love. The urgency is in putting in the time, staying focused, asking for what you need. I asked God and what a wonder. People showed up! So, put it out there. In these times, there are so many ways, so many avenues. So I encourage you, ask and you shall receive. Put this word out there that it may spread over the world like a layer of Light or, as you say, a Lattice of Light. This time is crucial. If you put in this work, because of the longings and the hunger around the world for love, for guidance and for truth, the doors will be opened. I wish to say there is one, at Findhorn, who will hear your plea and open the door there for you, should you wish to come and charge up, light up, the Portal.

As you know, there is always resistance. But there is no negative force in the world that can go up against God’s Love and the Love and Light in each of your souls. Rest your will in God’s Will. Accept and allow the Love to lead the way. You will know which way to go. But bring these gifts that so many of you have to the fore, to the world. Help each other in this way. Ask and the resources will be there for you. They were certainly there for me. I speak as one who knows the power of prayer for the soul and for building on this Earth a lasting presence of God’s Love. You shall overcome.

I give you my deepest gratitude and my full support. You are so needed and you are the blessing in this world. I am delighted, as always, to come into your Circle and there are many (here). So I leave now with all my love and affection in wishing you the greatest blessing in God’s Love. I am your sister in God’s Love, Eileen.