Messages 2019

Your Challenge is to Release all that is not of Love

April 4th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

I am Matthew. How limited is your perspective here on Earth and how difficult it is for you to go beyond your daily routines and points of view to something larger and grander. Your minds continue to see close to the ground, the everyday events of your life. Yet we encourage you, beloved souls, to have a wider and deeper and higher perspective of life. This comes with the opening of your soul, the awakening to God. But these faculties of the soul bring depth and truth and perspective to your experience of life.

If you can focus in a greater way for longer periods of time in your conscious state on these higher perspectives, then the small things of life, those small challenges of your life will seem less significant and less of a burden. But you must be in the flow, the soulful perspective of life, where the burdens of physicality, the difficulties of the complexity of your earthly life are not so acute in your mind. This takes discipline, it takes perseverance and it is a choice of what you will reflect upon in your mind and what catches your attention.

For many of you the old patterns, those old anxieties, places of hurt, places of projection and judgment and fear continue to have a life within your being. You continue to nurture this and reinforce it with your thoughts and cling to the old reality of your memories and mental machinations. Yet within your soul is a newfound freedom, an awakening, a perspective that is very different indeed from the mind. Being human, there is a tendency to mistrust this new way, this new awakening. You test it constantly and you compare these higher perspectives with the more earthly condition within you. To some degree you fear change. You fear the shifts that are happening within you and you hurry to the comfort of your old ways, clinging, reinforcing and embracing what is old and familiar.

This is your challenge, beloved souls. This is your challenge, to step beyond the fear, to step beyond the hurt, to step beyond the anxieties, the judgments and the old perspectives that in your mind have served you well. This paradigm of thought that you have fashioned through your life that is no longer relevant, but the mind does persist.

The mind is stubborn. The mind is fearful and the mind at times is angry. These things are not a part of love, but a part of fear and a sense of lacking within you. Yet within your soul there is a fullness of life, a new beginning and a transformation that is happening, claiming your soul for God, claiming all that is within your soul, to life, to come into the fullness of life.

Your challenge, my beloved friends, is to release all that is not of love, to claim your soul, to acknowledge that part of you that is powerful and beautiful, full of many surprising things, treasures, gifts and perceptions that will come to your consciousness if it is allowed, if the tyranny of the mind does not overpower the gentleness yet persistence of the soul.

This is your challenge, to be concerted in your efforts, to deny the error within you in favor of truth, to be honest with yourself, to see beyond the illusions to truth and to allow the power of love to invade every part of your being and dictate your actions and your thoughts, to be strong in love, awakened in truth, close to the source of all love and feeding upon the constant flow of this, God’s Living Waters.

He wishes for you to drink deep, beloved souls, and to allow its soothing, transforming Essence to heal all parts of you, to make whole your being that the mind and the soul are one, in harmony together. Thus functioning as it should in the realized being that is your creation, your being, whole and alive, vibrant and dynamic, beautiful and filled with love, attuned to God, attuned to the flow of God’s Will and utilizing all that is within you for the jubilant expression of your life joyously awakened in Love.

This is not only your challenge, but the challenge for humanity, to awaken these new and wondrous parts of your being. For how else may change be affected in this world but with the change of each soul awakened in love, truly awakened and attuned to the truth of God’s creation and what is meant for each individual soul? So as in life, you take two steps forward and one back. You try something new and then retreat to the old. But each time you make that effort you reinforce truth. You do indeed listen to God’s Will which compels you forward, which continues to awaken new perspectives with new avenues and new expressions.

Yes there are parts of you that are fearful, parts that are skeptical, parts that are resistant, but the power of love continues to meld these aspects that are still alive within your being, transforming them to something different and more in harmony with God’s Laws.

Beloved souls, you are blessed with a life, you are blessed with the possibilities of life. Do not waste the opportunities that lay before you. Allow yourself to be awakened. Allow yourself love. Beloved souls, may God bless you on that journey and awaken you more fully, bringing you the strength, perspective, the gentle compassion, the awakened understanding, the humility, and the grace that will carry you forward, forever.

God bless you beloveds, I am Matthew, I love you. God bless you.