Messages 2020

Allow what is in your soul to be revealed in the Light

April 2nd, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Charles. You know may know me as Charlie Chaplin or, you may not.

My dear friends the world is not coming to an end. Though for some, leaving their mortal coil will end their earthly life and take them into the world of spirit with the freedom to progress towards the fountainhead of love.

You may wonder how do I receive this love, what you have been told is the essence of the Creator? What is the right prayer or disposition? You know they say that when you smile, even though you may be upset, it changes your chemistry and all of a sudden you can feel underneath whatever problem is occurring some happiness because you have allowed it. If you are in the darkness in a room and it has electricity, you flip a switch and “Voila!”, there is the light! So if you flip the switch of your heart which may be off or covered or in pain or in doubt, if you flip the switch with the longings of your souls, then you allow your heart to open to love. For the Creator knows your desire, your longings, and when you allow what is hidden to be revealed to be exposed in the light, if it is good it will grow and if not, it will dissipate in the light and the love shown upon it.

I lived in troubled times and through a war and through poverty and I realized at some point I wanted to feel joy and I could always find something funny, even in tragedy. And so when I made films that was my template, my foundation, my wish to bring some humor, bring some joy, to a troubled world. So I wish for you beautiful souls here in this circle that has drawn me and captured my heart today, I wish you joy!

I am progressing as a spirit and praying with you to receive God’s love and this I wish for all and myself. May you be a wonderful blessing to the world. Bring joy, be open to Love, find the happiness beyond the sorrow. See the light through the darkness!

May God bless each one with a great inflowing of this Love Divine. Thank you for allowing me to come. My love to all. May God bless you, I am Charles.