Messages 2020


May 28th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda, your brother and friend in Divine Love.

Isn’t wonderful the feeling that you carry when you love someone, a most beautiful gift, or you walk out into nature and you see the colors and the smell the fresh air or the sea or the forest looking up at the blue skies and the sheltering clouds, or you fall in love and you’re so beside yourself, you can let everything else go just to be in that feeling of bliss, knowing that you are loved, willing to love, to give of yourself.

All these wonderful gifts are part of the human existence and the natural love between humans and God’s creation. These wonderful gifts can be quite healing for love can heal many wounds. Of course life gives you a good measure of challenges as well as blessings but I tell this gift that you have come together to receive, to be open to, the love of the creator, or as my friend here might say, ”Aloha from Above”, this love embraces all and this gift carries within it the seeds of change and transformation far beyond momentary bliss.

On the planes of earth one must consider ones physical health and well-being, what kind of work you might do, (perhaps)the raising of children, protecting yourself, creating a lovely home. All these earthly things and all the challenges they bring can be mighty. When you approach these things of the earth with the intellect, or from experience, the guidance of others, teachers, or books you make your way and you can recover from injury, tragedy and loss. You can also find great joy in creating, in inventions, building a family and such. Yet, when you touch on your soul and the deeper longings to connect with your Creator there is the possibility to connect with that which is immortal, eternal, carrying with it such great joy and glory as to be somewhat indescribable with language.

So we always say go into your heart, go within, connect with your soul, and then send up a prayer from that place “Dear God touch my soul, heal my wounds, lift me up in love Divine.” This act of asking and being humble enough to recognize the Creator brings with it eternity and the connection from the mortal to immortal, from the human to the Divine and the company of Celestial angels. We are drawn to this prayer, this longing and communion in God’s love. May all here be blessed healed transformed in this great love that awakens the soul lifts you up above the earth plane in bliss immortal.

I thank you. May God bless each one with this great love Divine. I love you, I am your brother and friend in God’s love, I am Yogananda.