Messages 2020

Be a Gift to the World

July 25th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Charles. You know me as Charlie, Charlie Chaplin. I have been listening to the conversation today as I often come and visit my friend. I thought about my own journey and my own gifts and how they awakened. I came out of poverty and my motivation was to succeed at any cost. My brother Sydney helped me immensely and I found I could sing and dance much like my parents. But I pushed myself and worked very hard and I always wanted to express my vision to the world that the world might see the poverty that the world might be healed. So my themes, as I have said before, were romance, social justice, the poor and the tyranny of dictatorship amongst others. I expressed these with my heart and it touched the world because I had a sense of humor that one could laugh even in dire circumstances in my films. And I admit and confess to you all that in my later years I became somewhat of a dictator and somewhat of like the oppressor that I had railed against but finally I surrendered and clarity came to me and I forgave myself and sought forgiveness.

As I passed into spirit and was guided by my dear mother who had become a Celestial Angel and who always believed in me, I began to progress. So my prayer on earth was from my heart and my prayer now is from my soul. And you who wish to be a blessing on this earth and progress in love natural and Divine, I encourage you to let your prayer be from your heart and from your soul. That you may embrace the world and bless it with love and that your soul may awaken and progress toward the Celestial Kingdom. In this way, each one of you can allow your gifts to shine a light on the darkness of this world to bring hope and above all be present as love and a blessing. It is time so let each one step forward from the shadows and shine this light, this love you have received, the gifts that you possess and in this way, you will not be disappointed and you will be blessed in every way.

Thank you for allowing me to come through my dear brothers and sisters on the path of God’s Love. With all my love and blessings, I am Charles. God speed!