Messages 2020

Be in the Moment

October 28th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear ones, it is I, Clare. I am here in the moment. And how wise are those words, to be here in the moment, to live in the moment. The others of God’s creatures, in the animal kingdom, are often delighted by watching one another, and being in the moment. For as a general rule, they are just present. They have their routines for eating and mating, sometimes hunting and foraging.

So in that sense those cycles are much like what humans engage in. The difference being of course, you have souls. Your souls are always in the moment and yet your minds cause you to reflect, sometimes in good ways, and sometimes not so good ways. It is the mind which stirs doubts. It is the mind that cause the emotions to feel anger or bliss. But as you know, in human love, these are as you have read, two sides of the same coin. God’s Love transcends that currency, and yet it embraces all: in the natural love, in the Divine Love, in compassion.

The desire to serve others comes when there is love in the heart. And when that love is activated by God, it leads to a life of service. For the joy that is felt, the empathy for the human condition, is great. And this Love you feel. You so wish to share. My dear ones, this is as I have said before and I shall continue. Not to intimidate you or barrage you with ultimatums, but to make a point. I know that you all know what brings great happiness. So as God answers your prayers to receive His Love, beyond the words and beyond the good advice for daily living, let your desire to be His true child, be foremost. This I encourage you and welcome.

May your days be blessed in each moment with the Love of God. That you may spread joy and happiness to all and comfort. It is so important to bring comfort to all souls. I am your sister in Christ, and I love you. My dear ones. I am Clare of Assisi. Go with God.