Messages 2020

Bring it to the World!

June 30th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend Yogananda. Isn’t the music of love a beautiful gift that sends a signal from on high to the heart, through the ears and lifts the soul up? I loved to sing praises to God, but was I a great singer? Ha ha hardly! Yet I had great love and so I now realize how my students tolerated some of my singing as they also sang and we let ourselves go into love and allowed the music to lift us up. This I have in common with my dear brother JW for no matter where he starts when he begins to receive the music he always wishes to be lifted and to lift others. And he would tell you he’s no Caruso and yet there is beauty in melody and even more important, in the intention.

Dear brother1 when you connect with your pastor, your friend, bring him a song to lift him up. To heal his sadness, to bring him the glory of the Divine love. I ask you my brothers, is this not the task you have set yourselves to perform? Is not the intention in your hearts to bring to others the glory that you feel in your hearts the happiness in your souls touched by God? Well this we share! How much you wish to do this and to how many, we leave that up to you, but you cannot share it with too many.

I gave up the world that somehow I could be a blessing to the world to bring it truth and healing and what I knew of God’s Love. You who have this enlightenment can reach the many who are longing who are hungry, and yes, some physically but so many hungry in their souls to make a connection that is above this world that is in the love of God, beyond the words. If you cannot have a prayer with them physically or through this media, send them a song, give them a song.

And my dear brother JW - he was informed yesterday that when the air clears we encourage him to go out and sing. and do it without fear without worry of judgement because he carries the seed of love, and let them who have ears hear, and those who have hearts listen, that their souls may awaken. This I set before you my brothers that you may engage however deeply, with however many you are moved to. In the glory of God’s love you have nothing to lose except reluctance.

May the great gift of God’s love continue to light up our souls and raise us up in the joy and bliss that is God’s gift. With all my love and blessings of a brother who will never abandon you. I am Yogananda.

Note 1 speaking to John M about his pastor friend.