Messages 2020

Calling Us to Expand Circles of Light

November 17th, 2020

Gibson, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

May God bless your beautiful souls with His Love. I am Keea-Atta Kem. I come to encourage you in your prayers, to tell you that what you do together is important and purposeful and powerful for when any group of individuals come together in unity and prayer to beseech the Heavenly Father to receive His gift of Love, to be channels of love and light for the world, to assist and help those you love, so you do a great service for humanity and for yourselves.

As you pray together in these Circles of Light, you create a great formation of light in the world that pulsates with love and healing, with peace and grace that we in the Celestial Kingdom can use to bring to many others in your world, many whom you do not know, many who you do know. But indeed there are many souls upon your world who are being uplifted by your prayers and many souls in the world of spirit who are being uplifted as well.

So it is our desire that many more of these Circles of Light may form around the world, that there will be opportunities made as God blesses each individual soul in His efforts to inspire and uplift many of those who have a deep soul desire to be in the Grace of God, the Love of God, the Light of God.

When there are those who are keenly interested, who have a passion for God and understand these Laws of Communication, of soul connection with God, the power of love, the knowledge of God’s Laws of Love, may utilise this knowledge and their gifts to formulate Circles of Light in the world, it is important that there be many of these Circles.

As these generators of light are established in the world, so the range of what may flow and emanate through these Circles may increase until there comes such time as each Circle touches another and another enveloping the world in light. Would this not be a beautiful and wondrous thing that through the efforts of those in your world to come together in light and pray for blessings for their brothers and sisters may indeed bring the change, the light, the healing, the upliftment that is necessary in order to dissipate the darkness of this world?

So God calls upon many though few have the ears and eyes and soul awareness to know and recognise this call. God continues to share His clarion call with all the brothers and sisters, all the children of God in your world. As He casts these seeds out into the world, seeds of calling and inspiration that they may germinate in the minds and souls of humanity, so shifts are coming, shifts of consciousness, shifts of desire, shifts that will bring a certain awakening, an inspiration to those souls who are receptive. In this shifting of priorities and desires of the soul, so we may come close and help each soul to fulfill what it is that God is asking them to do, that a purpose may come and be formulated and acted upon in your world, a purpose that is of service and sharing of love to your brothers and sisters.

It is important that you listen to the call of God and that all listen to the call of God, for it is in this way that His plan to uplift and bring to salvation His children will be realised. It requires the active engagement of individual souls in your world so that they may indeed be a conduit, a channel for God of His Love, His Light, His Truth, that they may indeed reach out to their brothers and sisters, that they may indeed be a channel for healing and grace and love for the world.

Pray that there will be many souls that will respond to God’s call, who will come to the realisation that they too may be an active agent of God, an agent for change, an agent to bring light and truth and love, healing, grace and peace to humanity. It is the individual souls who gather together, who are committed, who continue to have great faith and express their faith through prayer and actions, who are receptive to God’s Will, God’s blessings, God’s guidance to serve, these are the souls who will help change the world, who will help set world on course towards light and peace and harmony.

Pray for these souls. Pray for yourselves. Pray for one another and know that in your prayers will come the response from the Divine Touch, the Love of God to activate the great souls who are present in your world and are in need of your support and have great gifts and blessings upon them so that they may indeed be the active agents of God, powerful, beautiful, gracious in light and love.

I pray that you, each beautiful soul here, will find the true meaning of your souls, the true gifts of your souls, the true faculties of your souls, that God’s Love may activate all that is within you. In this way, you will come to know your purpose. You will come to know how God may use you in this great transformative time of change and blessings from the world.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Keea-Atta Kem and I pray for you all. My love is with you all, precious souls indeed. God bless you.