Messages 2020

Choose what Touches your Soul

September 11th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, Luke, and I came in to follow your conversations and to accompany the beautiful spirit Care. I wish to speak to young Michael. As you explore the many facets of the Divine Love path, the highways and byways, the heights and the depths, remember your soul and what nourishes the longings in your soul. Though you receive information with your mind, our wish for you is to hold on to those things which touch your soul, and of course in this regard, I speak to you all.

There is an endless amount of material on the earth plane in terms of spirituality, metaphysics, aliens, and so forth. It is not my place to tell you specifically what you should look into in this regard, except as I have said, when it touches your soul, that is something worth pursuing. And as often attributed to me in one form or another, “For where your heart is, therein your treasure lies” so be it, you can use this as your template. For when your heart is touched, most especially in joy and happiness, in the excitement of the new, and above all in love, this is good for your soul. Of course in God’s Love, this is the greatest, and it is our wish for you.

How wonderful it is that you are going through these messages given by Judas to the brother in Ecuador because they are contemporary and speak to the current day and are in harmony to a great degree with what James Padgett and Dr. Samuels received and also what this dear brother receives from us. It is all about God’s Love.

May you all receive every good and perfect and beautiful gift as we engage with you, inspire you, influence you, and walk this path, because you have asked. May you go in the Grace of God and his Love. I thank you. I am your brother in Christ, and a disciple of the Master, I am Luke.