Messages 2020

Choose Wisely

July 27thth, 2020

Punaluu, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Clare.

I come in the Grace of God. You can see how important it is to raise your thoughts above the concerns of the world. We were able to do this as we cloistered ourselves, and yet we sang and prayed and communicated what was necessary. But the focus was on prayer, and by this I don’t necessarily mean a formal prayer, or in our case, what was church prayers, we often prayed just from our souls to feel God’s grace, to be in harmony with heaven and earth in God’s love.

Jesus was our guide and brother Francis our mentor. So this busy world that you live in which is in a state of pause to some extent is still saturated, bombarded in fact with thoughts and opinions and all kinds of vibrations coming through the airwaves. Each one of you can choose what to allow in and what to remove yourself from. You would not walk into a situation in the physical world that you know is dangerous or out of harmony. Or at least you would not do this without feeling a connection with God going in the state of Grace being in the company of Angels and going into the situation to uplift others and pray with them, and to bless them. In this circumstance, this is not only acceptable and welcomed when you connect with others. If you approach this in service to be a blessing to remember God, to uplift those who are downtrodden to elevate their thoughts to rise above their complaints to have their center of gravity be lifted in the love and light that you may bring this to others. You draw us near, we protect you, we guide you, we inspire you.

The world has always needed this and never more than now. So again, however you wish to connect or under whatever circumstance you find yourselves in, we encourage you to bring the love over and above the complaint, the fear, the negativity, so that all may be healed, all may be uplifted in joy and the love of God. You can do no greater service than this.

I’m so glad you felt my presence for when my three kind mice come together, I will see you, and I hope you find my guidance helpful. To all who are here I give my love and blessings in the Grace of God.

I am your sister in Christ, Clare of Assisi. Go with God.