Messages 2020

Circles of Light Bring Greater Light to the World

May 12th, 2020

Gibson, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

This is your teacher Augustine. Once again you come together in a Circle of Light, intent on prayer, intent on raising your spiritual light in harmony with God’s Laws of Love and seeking His blessing of Love. So you continue to step upon that mighty stairwell leading ever upwards into heavenly realms. As you continue to grow in the Father’s Love, so you have the strength and fortitude, the capacity and the will to step higher and higher. As you go into lofty heights, so you release all that bears you down, all that is heavy and weighted with the conditions of your world and you seek God. As you climb, you seek to be liberated from all the material conditions and darkness of this world and within you, so that you may walk in light, pure and beautiful in your countenance, a channel of Love for God as His Love continues to awaken your souls.

Seek for the highest and seek to be unified in these Circles of Light so that we may use you as channels of Light in the world. The world needs you greatly and you cannot spend too much time in prayer at this time. It is important that you come together in this way, that you sustain the Light that is flowing through you as a group of earnest souls asking to be used as God’s channels of Love. It is important that you step beyond the conditions of your life and step into this Circle of Light, this Holy, beautiful Light and ask to be used as God’s channels in the world. Ask for God to utilise your instrumentalities, your gifts and your light for the benefit of your brothers and sisters. For I know you do not realise the power of this group and these efforts. I know you do not see beyond your own experience of light. But I tell you, we use these circles in many ways. We take advantage of your willingness, your desire to be used for the benefit of your brothers and sisters.

God pours great blessings upon you, not just for your benefit, but to open these gates wide that the channels of love and light, healing, peace, comfort, joy and upliftment to flood this world.

We are earnest that others may come, forming many groups, many channels of Light in the world. For the power of this Light is transformative and will bring an awakening to humanity. As each circle grows, as each group of beautiful and gifted souls continue to seek awakening, to seek God, to seek to be used as His instruments, so the Light, the spiritual Light, will grow in your world dispersing the darkness and encouraging the Light to infuse and influence all in your world.

It comes a time for this to be. It comes a time for all the good and beautiful lights in the world to band together, seeking the blessings from the Creator through you all in this great work to heal your beautiful world, to bring Truth, to bring peace, to bring balance and light to your world. May you continue to make these efforts. As you push yourself forward to be used as God’s instruments, so you benefit greatly and those you love benefit greatly and the many who are connected and connected to your circle benefit greatly with God’s blessings.

You are called to work together, to band together in harmonious Circles of Light, sustaining these Portals in the world and bringing strength to this Network of Light that continues to build and reach out to many. It is a great work, it is a vast work that requires your focus, your prayers, your desires of soul to be close to God, to be in the flow of His Will, His Love, that all may unfold in beautiful, harmonious expressions through God’s children upon this world.

God bless you, beloved souls, and may God keep you in His Light always, in His protection and Grace that Love may continue to flow within your souls in such great abundance that you are swept into the wonderment, the lofty heights of Love. God bless you, beloveds. Your teacher Augustine loves you so. God bless you.