Messages 2020

Concentric Circles of Love

May 4th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here John, a disciple of the Master. Let nothing less than truth be spoken here, that there may be harmony in the world, peace, and faith in each soul. May the gifts of the spirit propel each one truly towards the fountainhead of God’s love and the Celestial Kingdom where our brother Master Jesus dwells and reigns, given dominion of his Kingdom and yet the most humble and faithful and beautiful spirit in all of God’s creation. How blessed are we to call him brother how blessed are we that he calls us his friends, his brothers and sisters.

In the light of God there opens a door that each one may glimpse eternity and the immortality of a soul transformed by the Father’s love. Do we not wish this for every soul and yet in His mercy God allows each soul to choose; perfection in the natural or transformation and immortality in the Divine? Allow all into the circle who believe in love, who have faith, who wish a blessing for the earth, who recognize the sanctity of each life, each soul, who desire harmony and Oneness. For the concentric circles of love are in harmony with each other. And those that are drawn towards the very center, the fountainhead, a glory is theirs beyond description except to say it is a Joy no human can imagine but every soul can sense and aspire to.

Allow yourself to be drawn into the Father’s light and love, that even as you live and breathe on earth, you carry the great gift of God’s love in your hearts in your souls and this light shines forth and touches every being as you walk in Grace. In the Grace of God’s love! When those words the churches use ‘to die in the state of grace’ are understood properly the world will change.

May the communion of souls that come together in prayer with us to receive God’s love receive the gift of Faith and the knowing in their souls the reality and truth of the Divine Love of the Father. We are all His children and He sheds His Light and Grace on all. I thank you for taking the time for me to come through.

I am your brother in God’s love and a disciple of the Master as you are. I am John the Beloved. Go in Peace and know that it was I who touched your shoulder with Mary when we appeared to you so many years ago with your beloved Care.1 Now you know, but you already knew, didn’t you? God bless you! Go in Peace! We love you! God loves you!

Note 1 referring to the appearance of two angels to this medium in 1987