Messages 2020

Crazy for God

February 14th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

When I had my realization of the Love of God and I could clearly see that I no longer placed any value on riches, acquirements, battles and all these things of the world that are considered normal, my parents and many of my friends believed that I had lost my mind. Yes, to them, certainly I appeared a bit crazy. I was crazy for God and the experience of receiving this Divine Love. It was not difficult to let these things of the world go, over and against the longings in my soul. I prayed and my friends prayed with me and God’s Holy Spirit came and showered us with Love.

When we stepped out into the world after a time, certainly we appeared as beggars, but the joy in our souls and the Love coming through us outshone the world and was undeniable, and even the church fathers could see this. Yes, they did think: “Well, they’re rather harmless, these fellows, but they’re prayerful and they have such joy, so we will allow it to flourish,” though they did not think it would. Some had an awakening of conscience when they would be in our presence. The richness of the Love in our souls, over and against their material outlook was shocking and humbling.

These prayers that brought the Love of the Father into our souls were not from our minds, they were from the depths of our souls and the more we received the more we wanted. Until, as this one knows, I will use the phrase: “We were the richest souls in the world.” Surely, we felt it so, and the humble work that we performed made a difference and to this day resonates with many souls around the world. So losing your mind to the longings of your souls, really means you give precedence to the soul. Your mind will still function, and you will know one thing from another. You can say it’s an organ of discrimination.

But if you allow the longings in your souls to become prevalent, as you do when you come to this Circle, you will always feel the showering of the Love of our Creator and this Love will transform your souls, I promise you. Do not be afraid to give up this world, because what awaits you is glorious beyond your dreams. I tell you this as your brother and friend. All my love. May God bless you, each one. I am Francis. God bless you.