Messages 2020

Crazy for God

June 29th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister Care in the grace of God. When St Francis as you know him, when our brother Francis walked away from the world…they said: “He’s crazy, he’s lost his mind, it must be the illness.”

When Gandhi refused to fight and yet changed a nation through his prayers and meditation and his gospel of peace he was considered crazy by many and so it is with so many who have changed the world.

Even my dear brother, Crazy John as he calls himself, is he not crazy for God? Does the world want this? Is it crazy to want to be in prayer, to want to be changed, to want to be an angel?

Well, if this is crazy then who would wish to be sane? I had many issues and the brother is not wrong when he says I could flip flop because at that time in my life I was struggling with my worldly life and the deep desires of my soul for God’s love. My children were moved around a lot and when they recollect these times they tend to see the negative aspects or the difficulties of being uprooted. But I tell you this, we had such fun that when they were given a choice of being with me or their father, their earthly father, they ran to me. And my beloved knows this because he was around. They all came to live with us to escape that normalcy of their dad’s home for the freedom and joy that we all had in nature, in prayer, and in miracles. As time went by and during this period with my beloved, my soul had been awakened, and I had been changed. There was no turning back or any wish to do so. My children felt this and though it is deeply hidden because of their struggles to make their way in the world, it will come out. They shall see. And they have truly appreciated the love that has been shown them in my absence by my beloved Jimbeau.

Now is the time as we have told you for to let them “tarry till they find it.” You can do no more but be crazy for God. Even if the whole world thinks so .. because you know in your souls that God’s Love is everything worth having. It makes all the difference in heaven and on earth. How I love you. Be at peace. May the Love of God be showered upon you this day and always. I am your sister and friend in the grace of God. I am Care