Messages 2020

Every Religious Tradition can Receive this Divine Love

February 7th, 2020

Punaluua, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here - Israel Ben Eliazer.

I was known as Baal Shem Tov and I was a reformer in my community amongst the Hassidic Jews in Eastern Europe. I had experienced the light and love of God through my prayers and I experienced this as being everywhere and accessible to all.

In every action there could be a connection with God and I preached this. At first there was quite a negative reaction - not what I expected. But as we prayed and danced and celebrated more and more experienced this truth I had received and it reached many - into the thousands.

I stressed prayer over the Torah at a time when there was a great disparity in my community between the wealthy and the poor. Often the scriptures were used as a way to continue this chasm. Now I realized in my own prayers that whether rich or poor, all could be blessed. All could feel the ecstasy of the Divine. I did not understand at that time, certainly as I do now, the great teachings of the rabbi Jeshua. The greatest rabbi I might add.

But I had a sense of this Divine Love and though I had some limitations in expressing (falsely) that it needed to be received through someone who was blessed or knowledgable, I realized in spirit that anyone who prayed could receive this love and be blessed. And this spirit that I carried transformed an entire community and to this day is honored throughout the world in the Jewish tradition for sure.

Why do I tell you these things? Because, you see, whatever tradition you may find yourself in or amongst, by recommending the simple truth of prayer to God to receive His love, His blessings, His light …who can refuse this? What becomes an experience, a connection, a communion with God beyond any belief system can be realized by each one of you as you share what you have received and what you know to be true in this world.

I am grateful to this one, this channel who I have always had a connection with for the opportunity to come through and share my love and blessings and teachings with you all. I wish for you every blessing in God’s love.

I am Baal Shem Tov.