Messages 2020

Explanation of How the Chakras Are Used in Spirit Communication

April 3rd, 2020

Punuluu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, your brother and friend, Yogananda. I come in the Grace of God’s Love and I am with White Eagle and Francis. They are my brothers. White Eagle is going to, at some point, speak to you about the Great Gathering of the Tribes and its true meaning. Francis wishes to talk about the alignment between the angels and prayer and his experience. We have decided today that I should speak.   I wish to give you some reference points so on your journey you do not become confused. You are all mediums. There is not one here that has not had the experience of thinking about someone, whether they be in spirit or on Earth, and a song comes on or a picture, a butterfly, a sign that connects you with that soul. You say: “Ooh my, wasn’t that a wonderful thing”!  You felt that this person was present or perhaps that the person will call on you. If they be in spirit, they may come as I come. If they be on Earth, they may call you through whatever medium is available to them or to you.  

There are energy centers in my culture that we call chakras. Many of you are familiar with this concept but some may not be. The sixth chakra, sometimes referred to as the Christ chakra, is between the eyes and somewhat above. You sometimes will see pictures or meet people who have a bindi at that spot which is a dot representing the openness of that chakra. It is also called the third eye. It is even represented on the U.S. dollar bill. This eye in many cultures represents the opening to the astral or spirit world. When my teacher, Sri Yukteswar, passed into spirit, he would come to me in this way and I could see him.

Those of you who have visions, whether it be of lights or spirits, you are seeing through this center. Through this center, spirits can communicate but unless the medium is also aligned within their soul with the Divine, and with the Celestial Angels, and with God, they may be able to communicate only with spirits who have no interest in the transformation of the soul in Love. They may thus receive messages that are purely intellectual. This, of course, is not a bad thing if for instance you are to repair something that is broken. If you get a technical message from a spirit or from a book or whatever, this technical information is very useful.  

But if you are on the path of God’s Love and you wish to be transformed and you wish to communicate with those of us in the Celestial Heavens, the heart chakra must be opened. We call this chakra Anahata, because as I have said before, the heart is the doorway to the soul. When you pray earnestly with your soul longings, your heart is open, and God is able to touch you and bring this Love into your souls.  

When your heart is opened and this chakra and the Ajna, the sixth chakra is opened between the eyes, there is a light that comes down from the 7th chakra. We in the East call this the crown chakra, the seventh chakra and it is from the crown and above because it receives from the heavens. It is called Sahashara or Sahashra. So I tell you all this and I hope that I have given some clarity because my wish for all of you is to be in touch with your souls, to receive guidance that is Celestial. So I wish for your hearts to be open, your souls to be blessed, the third eye to be open to communicating and for God, our most Loving Glorious Creator, to shower you all from above with His Love Divine.

My brothers will come again and speak. May the Living Waters flow in you and through you. May you drink up of God’s Love. I am your brother and friend and I love you. I am Yogananda.