Messages 2020

Exploring the Judas Messages

August 3rd, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii. U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ and a disciple of the master, your friend Judas. It brings me great delight to visit with you as you explore the messages that were given to our brother in Ecuador. And I hope it is helpful to you that you can see his struggles with worthiness and with his inability to discern between the mind and the soul. I have noticed that when you read the words that I gave, you are able to move from the concerns of your minds into the gratitude of your hearts as you understand little by little what I was expressing. I so wish you understand and to benefit from it.

For what purpose are the words if they do not lift up your soul? God seeks your attention and the openness to His blessing beyond all of the complications that the human nature comes up with all the variables, all of the constructs and intellectualizing. It must be in a sense abandoned in favor of the longings of your souls, the calling of your hearts for Love. For the Love of God is the greatest gift. It is joy beyond words and as you receive more and more your entire being is transformed. And from your soul emanates a light shining in the darkness, lifting others.

I encourage you to reach beyond the words and find that longing in any moment, in any place, for your soul is already beyond the world where your body lives. As the poet Rumi said “Love is the bridge to everything” and I would add: “God’s Love is the bridge to the Celestial heavens and Oneness with His great Soul.”

I leave you with all my love and support and blessings in the Fathers love. I am Judas of Kerioth. God bless you!