Messages 2020

Faith in God and in Your Gifts

August 15th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Care. I have been with you as you might imagine and really enjoying your explorations into the world of spirit and your longings for soul progression in God’s love. How could I stay away?

I have had some discussions with Clare from Assisi about our lives on earth in very different times and yet we were barefoot prayer warriors, at least that is how I described myself. Clare had her battles with leaving her family and establishing sanctuary in quiet and solitude, drawing her sisters near her for prayer. I too sought sanctuary in nature, in God’s creation, in the quiet of a room, but I will say this. I could be in the middle of a crowded thoroughfare or a public place and if I felt someone needed a prayer I could not hold back. I moved from my self consciousness to my God consciousness and I focused on that soul and their needs and went directly to God.

In relationship to what you have been talking about and discussing when it comes to someone in need and being open, having faith, believing they could be healed, or simply believing that God could intervene, yes this is important. And as in the Bible account that John Mark wrote to H.R.1 I could often see the need of someone that they were open for a healing for a blessing and sometimes I proactively knew the need and even if that person did not ask, I would introduce myself, and if I received a message from the Angels I would give it them without hesitation in the knowing, in the Faith, that I had that what I was receiving was real. No matter whether I understood it or not, it was important to deliver the message in hopes that the recipient whether befuddled or amazed, would consider the content. Then of course it is between them and God.

I wanted to touch on this subject because I know it is part of your discussions and you are curious about it. I hope I have perhaps answered some of your questions and given you some things to consider. As you have been told many many many times when you pray and you open up to God and the Angels you receive. God bestows His love through His holy spirit and we come to administer to the needs. You can think about this as we are answering all those emails, those texts from your soul that are calling out. Most especially we do this because you are praying for the highest, for the Creators blessing, and we do His bidding. I thank you for coming together and allowing yourselves to be vulnerable. I wish to encourage you to continue to open your hearts to each other that God may open your souls to His love on this glorious journey. With all my love and in God’s grace, I am your Care and I love you. God bless you.

Note 1 This refers to the message from John Mark in the book Judas of Kerioth pages 652-656. Also found here.