Messages 2020

God’s Love is Anti-gravitational

September 22nd, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister in Christ, I am Clare. I am here with dear brother Judas, we have been with you, with others, and have been along for the ride, and the beautiful message from Jesus1 that touches us as well as you.

When you awake in the morning if you can remember to set your intention for the day in prayer to God: “Dear God, walk with me this day. Open my soul to your love that I may be a blessing to all. May your angels be close to me and guide me.” You needn’t of course, say those exact words but hopefully you can understand the intention and the gist of what I wish to communicate.

There is a very important reason and purpose for this encouragement. Imagine if you will, days and days of inclement weather or days of drought, days of floods, days of darkness and all of a sudden, it’s a beautiful day with just the right amount of sunshine and wind and rain, all in harmony and you notice the beautiful colors of the day, most especially in nature. And your heart is lifted. Ahh! You may even say: “Thank you, God, this is so wonderful”, like a rainbow appearing after a storm.

The world, the material world, run by the material mind, is often in a cloud that seems like an endless disturbance or gray area. And people greet their day with quite often a sense of impending doom or fear, or simply just negativity. I call this a negative center of gravity. And I tell you this my dear, my dear friends, because God’s Love is a positive center of gravity. In fact, you could say it’s anti-gravitational, for it lifts you up above all the weight of the world and the troubles and entanglements and the negativity of the earth plane. This is why we come with a positive message. We come in the Grace of God and the Love of God, because this is your wish, this is your longing and we are so happy to respond, and God responds, showering you with His Love and Grace.

There is great attraction in being in God’s Love. There is a magnetism that draws not only those of us in the Celestial Heavens, but harmony on earth and effects those souls in darkness where they are able to receive a blessing for even the slightest inclination. So, as you walk in joy, as you walk in the happiness, the peace, the light of Love in your souls, you bring this gift that God has given you, to all. Isn’t that wonderful! We are all here with you, and we bring our love and guidance and our support, and yes, even our gratitude, that you have chosen the path of Gods love. May God continue to bless you, and may his love draw you in ever closer. I am your sister in the Love of God, and your sister in Christ, I am Clare of Assisi, and I love you.

Note 1 Possibly referring to this message read from Jesus on The Soul received by James Padgett