Messages 2020

Honoring Yogananda bringing Kriya Yoga to the West

September 18th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yukteswar. I was the teacher of Paramahansa Yogananda when he was on earth and guided him on his journey in spirit. I know that at times he would say to himself: “Why did my guru send me to the West where there is only materialism, only the desire to acquire, the desire for money.” Yet he found that in the failure of material things to bring happiness or fulfillment and any kind of spiritual enlightenment, the message he would bring would resonate with many.

I saw this potential in him through the eyes of my teacher through the eyes of my soul and he exceeded every expectation we had and most certainly his own. This Kriya yoga was not without the recognition of God and God’s Love and the embrace of the teachings of Master Jesus through our somewhat limited understanding.

Yet in some ways it was a much greater understanding than what was being taught in the West. We understood that Jesus had Christ consciousness and the Love of God. And that he was a transformed soul. And so my pupil incorporated this in his teachings and also wanted his students to experience the beautiful light and spiritual energy of Kriya Yoga from head to toe and beyond, filling the body healing it. These two going hand in hand.

The humbleness that my pupil brought to the West was a clear sign that he did not wish to be the center of attention or worshipped in any way, although unfortunately by some he is now. Such is the fate of organizations whether it be in the West or the East. It seems human nature to turn the messenger into the the Source of the message whereas the messenger is connected to the Source through Love and consciousness and therefore brings that gift to all from God.

You know in my days in India so many were in poverty that sending a child to an Ashram and to a Guru might in fact often be the result of parents wishing a child to have enough to eat, to have clean water, good accommodations and yes, also a spiritual life. In the West it was the rejection of materialism and the longings of the soul that brought to fruition the Divine Love teachings, whether it be through my words, my student Yogananda’s word, through Jesus or any of the Celestial angels.

Today let us honor our dear brother who is a Celestial Angel, one hundred years henceforth on his journey from India to the West. We honor his great work which continues in spirit and in the Love of God where we are all One. I thank you. May God bless you on this glorious journey. I am Yukteswar.